20 Words and Phrases We Want to Abolish in 2016

Over the past few years the English language has been hijacked by a California bachelorette party at the pre-drink for a Drake (sorry, #drizzy) concert.

And in 2016, it’s up to us to put an end to it.

So as we desperately wish for the kids to get off our lawn, here are 20 words and phrases we never want to hear or see on your Instagram again…


It is what it is
Well, yeah. Now tell us something that actually means anything.

Haggis tacos aren’t a Scottish-Mexican fusion concept – it’s just a f*cking terrible restaurant idea.

I mean
You don’t need to introduce a thought with “I mean” – we already know you mean it because you’re saying it. Know what we mean?

Cool six-pack of Coors, bro.

Best friend is bae, dog is bae, ex-boyfriend is bae, now-boyfriend is bae, Uber driver is bae, iPhone is bae – how are we supposed to know if you’re single if everyone on your Instagram’s tagged #bae?

Like the person who uses “basic” to describe elementary choices in food, clothes, music, and Sunday morning activities.

Good, your basic vocabulary wasn’t welcome anyway. 

That flock of ducks you’re posing with in your b-boy stance doesn’t even know you exist. 

Is __ a thing?
Yes, it is a thing because it exists. #Literally

The amount of times this word has been misused since it became a thing should be criminal.

Sometimes we wish you and your entire squad (not those ducks though) were literally lit.

What Do You Mean?
It made little sense when Bieber said it and it makes even less sense as the caption for your photo of a parking ticket.

Parents: fam. Your burrito assembly person: not fam. Got it?

‘They who shall not be named’ has a nice ring to it.

On fleek
It would be so on fleek if you stfu.

Netflix and Chill
It’s time that getting laid gets a new euphemism. Seriously, some people just want to watch ‘Making a Murderer’ without being solicited to reach second base. 

No matter how exquisite the ingredients, you cannot curate a salad. 

Often the first sign of something being not legitimate at all.

It’s like Uber for __
Tech startups: stop this immediately. We simply do not need an Uber for Christmas trees, and you need to find a better way to start explaining yourself if we do. 

You know you can just stop doing something in your life without the added self-righteousness, right?