19 Signs You’re a Free Spirit

They can be the most fun friends to have, are often a challenge to date, and probably drive their parents crazy with their constantly changing life plans. And there’s no simply no containing them.

We’re talking about that unique breed known as free spirits.

And, hey – it’s not (necessarily) a bad thing.

1. You don’t care what people think – and probably never have.
Which is why you still listened to Oasis in grade nine when they became uncool for a year or so, why you got that haircut your hairdresser advised you against, and why you wore that borderline over-the-top outfit to your work event.

2. Your parents gave up on giving you advice years ago.
As in, probably around grade ten. No matter how rational your parents’ advice may be you’re still going to do whatever the hell you want anyway, just like you always have. And nobody knows that better than they do.

 3. You’re in a creative profession.
If you’re going to have to work somewhere other than on a cruise ship or surf camp, it had better be doing something you enjoy. The corporate world is so not for you (and hey, you’re not for it either).

4. You don’t waste your time on petty gossip.
Sure, you may indulge in some dirt from time to time (free spirits are human too), but there are so many better ways to spend your time…like planning your next road trip, jamming in the park, or brainstorming your next big creative project.

5. You’ve never made a to-do list in your life.
We mean, the amount of time spent writing the whole thing out…

6. Your life is definitely not routine.
While it may at times border on a scattered game of connect-the-dots (played by a four-year-old) the prospect of a routine, monotonous life leaves you gasping for air.

7. You express yourself and take risks in your wardrobe.
The last thing you want is to look like a mass-produced cookie -utter suburban mall shopper like everyone else. So boring.

8. You fall in love easily.
And even if it doesn’t work out, you would do it all again. And again. And again. In fact, you’ve had at least half a dozen ‘loves of your life’.

9. You think with your heart over your head.
Even if you tried, your heart always wins the battle over your head. Which is why you’ve had your heart crushed to a million micro pieces…despite knowing the culprit was a bad idea from the start.

10. You’re friends with everyone.
Life’s too short to remain confined within the same narrow group of friends you’ve had since elementary school (as great as they are). That’s why wherever you go you’re always making new ones – while traveling, in yoga class, in line at your local hipster coffee shop…

11. You’ve been known to hop on a plane on a whim.
Whether it means visiting a fling across the country or a solo trip across the ocean, booking a flight just days (or hours) before takeoff and tossing a bunch of random stuff in a suitcase has always been your thing. It’s just more exciting that way.

12. You often find yourself lost in a daydream.
On the subway, in the car, at the office…people may think you’re spacing out, but if they only really knew all you have going on up there – well, let’s just say they’d be in for a treat.  

13. Your ‘bucket list’ is ever growing.
From kite surfing in Portugal and climbing Kilimanjaro, to building houses in Africa and learning to fly a plane, there’s just so much you need to do…and did we mention you’ve been daydreaming about all day.

14. Your nights out always involve an unexpected series of events.
Probably because you never have a set plan and would rather go with the flow – wherever the friends you meet and the tequila shots take you. And yeah, you’ve passed morning joggers on the walk home more than once. And yes, you felt bad – for them.

15. You have at least one creative outlet.
And if you didn’t, you’d probably lose your mind.

16. Type A people make you nervous.
Almost as much so as the lists they write, their routine, and their perfectly mapped out vacations.

17. You constantly Google new cities that you may want to move to.
Along with available apartments, job postings, and neighbourhood hot spots. You may have even already activated an online dating profile for that city to scope out the prospects.

18. You find it difficult to commit to plans weeks in advance.
Which is why your engaged friends have to follow up on that wedding invite (showing up is more your style of RSVP), why you always hop on board that trip with the boys or ladies last minute, and, admittedly, why some people call you a flake.

19. You’ve been told you’re a “handful” by more than one person you’ve dated.
Which probably has something to do with the whole inability to commit to plans thing, your distaste with routine, and the fact that you could pick up and move tomorrow. But love is a creative outlet, right?



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