19 Signs You Didn’t Grow Up In Toronto

The CN Tower still startles you. The traffic remains unimaginable. The unquestionable love for the Maple Leafs continues to baffle you.

And while you may live here now and call it home, these are 19 signs that you didn’t actually grow up in Tee Oh.   


The restaurant you were going to was on the corner. Not the northeast corner or the southwest corner. Just the corner.

You had never heard the term ‘doored’ before moving here because it had never happened.

Dog Parks
Dog parks were a new thing for you – aren’t all parks, dog parks?

Driver’s License
Getting your license was simply a formality – you’d already been driving on back roads for years.

Going to the Movies
There were two movie theatres – the good one and the bad one. And sometimes you went to the bad one ‘cause it was a dollar cheaper.

Your parents vetting of your babysitter amounted to “can you be here?”

Crossing the Street
You still wait for the walk sign before crossing the street even as others rush past you.

Street Sports
Yelling ‘car, game off’ was a major part of your childhood.

The Library
It wasn’t, ‘which library are you going to?’ It was, ‘see you the library’.

Mobile Living
If we tell you we live in a van down by the river you know exactly where that is.


 High school theatre shows received reviews in the newspaper and people talked about them for days.

The School Bus
You took the school bus to high school. Not the bus – a school bus. And the driver knew your first and last name. 

Despite the fact that the TTC only has two main lines you still get confused as to which way you need to go whenever you walk down those stairs.

You had one – and it was significantly bigger than a ‘parkette’.

A 40-minute drive didn’t get you from one neighbourhood to another – it got you to another town you’d never even heard of.

Your hockey team actually won.

Ethnic Food
Going out for ‘ethnic’ food meant heading to the one Chinese buffet in town.

Going to The City
Whenever someone said they were going to The City it made you angry, despite the fact that you instantly knew they were talking about Toronto.

And finally, you walked uphill both ways in a snowstorm – every. single. day.  


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