19 Ingredients to Ensure an Epic Summer

If you want to make this summer one for the books, you’re going to want to check these 19 things off your list.

A Reliable Partner in Crime
Whether it’s your significant other, best friend, or new single sidekick – no summer is complete without a trusted partner in crime who’s on board for the patio sessions that last all afternoon, spontaneous cottage weekends, and last-minute concerts.

A ‘Summer 2015’ Playlist
There are those songs that will always remind you of a particular summer for pretty much the rest of your life. You know, the ones that transport you back to those humid, hazy days where nothing matters but the beer in your hand and the lake in front of you. That’s why your ‘Summer 2015’ playlist should be so well-curated that it’s practically a work of art.

A Last-Minute Road Trip Fund
The best road trips are spontaneous road trips – and the summer is the best time for them. Don’t miss out on what could be the best weekend of the summer (filled with the creation of inside jokes that will never get old) because you spend your entire pay cheque on a trip to Holt Renfrew or Tinder dating spree. Have an emergency road trip fund.

A Cheap Pair of Plastic Shades
Sure, you have your assortment of designer sunglasses by now. But there are going to be times – like that music festival or beach volleyball tournament – that you’re going to want a cheap (and likely neon) pair of cheap plastic shades. Just, trust me.

A Monday Morning Workout Class
For all the eating, drinking, and lounging, the summer requires most of us to big up our workout game. And since Mondays set the stage for the rest of the week, you should make a point to commit to a Monday morning workout.

A Summer-Specific Sport or Hobby
Make the most of the outdoor weather this summer (and so something a little more wholesome than crushing Bloody Caesars on a patio) and rediscover a summer sport or hobby from your childhood – whether it’s softball, tennis, or even Rollerblading.

A Quality Camera
For all the adventures you’re going to have (not to mention that sun-kissed skin you’ll have going on), you’re going to want to make sure this summer is well documented, with no shortage of pictures or videos – even if you never end up posting them. A scroll through them may just brighten your day next January.

A Friend With a Pool
A good friend is a friend with a pool. Just kidding (kind of), using someone for their access to a reserve of H2O is never a good look. But you should find a go-to pool for the summer – whether it’s on the roof of a 5-star hotel, at your best friend’s condo, or at a local community centre.

At Least One Campfire
Let’s be honest; it wouldn’t be a good, old-fashioned Canadian summer if it didn’t involve at least one campfire, complete with marshmallows, tunes (by The Tragically Hip, clearly), and sing-alongs.

A Friend with a Guitar
Speaking of campfire sing-alongs, they’re made so much better if you have a friend with a guitar (and a good voice, too). If you don’t have one, you may want to start frequenting some of your local jam sessions.

Portable Speakers
If the whole friend with a guitar thing falls though, the next best thing (and an essential, regardless) is a set of portable speakers. Days in the park, on the beach, and on the dock require that playlist you worked so hard to create.

At Least One Music Festival
Especially given the fact that they’re hitting the country in abundance this summer, you have little excuse not to hit a music festival.

A Hippy Dippy Blanket
An essential to a Sunday Funday at the park, at a music festival, or on the beach requires a blanket to chill (and whatever else) on.

A Summer Cocktail of Choice
You may as well take advantage of your patio time and get acquainted with a new cocktail of choice this summer. Not only will it taste like summer 2015 for years to come, by winter, you’ll only wish it was warm enough that you craved something so refreshing.

A Reading List
Make a point to check a few books off your literature bucket list – there’s no better time to do so than during those lazy days of summer. When business has slowed for the season worldwide, you won’t even feel guilty for reading something that’s not work-related.

At Least One Girls’ or Guys’ Weekend
Each summer calls for at least one weekend away with the guys or the ladies. When things like babies, houses, and increased job responsibility enters the mix, you won’t be able to do so as easily. Trust me, take advantage now.

An Amusement Park Visit
Some of the best days of summers past were likely spent in an amusement park. Rediscover the nostalgia of the natural high (as opposed to the music festival kind) of a roller coaster this summer. Better yet, make a date out of it.

A Trusted Makeout Partner
Speaking of a date, if there’s ever a time to for a steamy makeout session, it’s during the summer. I mean, there’s a reason summer flings are a thing. Add a star-filled sky into the mix and you’re pretty much golden.

A Reason to Look Forward to the Fall
After that epic summer, that first Tuesday after Labour Day Weekend is going to feel about as good as a punch in the face. That’s why it’s essential to have something to look forward to once the pools close for the season – whether that means a concert or a vacation.


Photo by Alessandro Cancian – www.acancian.com