17 Things Our 30 Year Old Selves Wish We Could Tell Our 20 Year Old Selves

Ah, self-reflection, nostalgia, maybe a few regrets: all things that start creeping into the minds of once-invincible 20-somethings now hovering around thirty – and wondering what the hell just happened.

If we could DeLorean it back to the care-free days of a decade ago, you bet we’d have a few choice words to relay to our younger selves.

So if you are a younger Notable reader, take note of these 17 things our 30-year-old selves wish we could tell our 20-year-old selves. And if you’re already in your 30s, you know all too well what we’re about to say…

1. Enjoy all the multi-day parties, Sunday-fundays, and whatever other ‘weekend warrior’ stuff you’ve got going on now. You’re going to suck at it later

2. Start working out, even if you think you don’t have to. You do. Slowing metabolism is a real thing.

3. Floss! Because you won’t be on mommy and daddy’s dental plan forever.

4. Stop being a jerk to the opposite sex. You know you’re not really a “playa.” You’re just insecure and scared of getting screwed over. Be decent; bad reps are for real.  

5. Protect your skin. It gets way harder to pull off “effortlessly chic” with dark spots and wrinkles.

6. Start saving money. No, this isn’t your mom talking; it’s you, in the future, begging you to start saving some money. NOW.  

7. Begin making friends with people in and around your dream industry. It’s never too early to start shaking hands.

8. Stop and think. For real, though – stop, take a breath, count to ten, actually consider the possible outcomes of your next move (or click).

9. Don’t drink and drive. EVER. And that includes getting in the car with someone else behind the wheel who may or may not be flirting with the limit. You may be super lucky to have survived such stupidity up until now, but you’re going to feel really dumb about it later on.

10. Don’t settle. A partner who doesn’t respect you and who treats you like sh*t is a major waste of this precious playtime. Take that fresh face and hot young bod to someone worthwhile. They exist.

11. Relish in those 12 hours of sleep and 1pm wake-ups. Soon enough you’ll stop being able to justify it to yourself, to work, and even your friends (yes, they grow up too).

12. Keep learning. Whether it’s more school, extra job training, or a cultural pilgrimage – the time is definitely now.  

13. Go live somewhere else for a few months. Before life gets all busy and serious, go experience another culture. Your old life will still be here when you get back. Your old perspectives won’t.   

14. Appreciate where you come from. The world tends to grow into a much uglier place as you get older. Canada is an awesome country, and you should be super grateful that you live here. 

15. Hang with your grandparents. Just do it.

16. Don’t give up playing sports or making music or knitting dog sweaters. Whatever your fave hobbies and interests, make the time to keep ‘em up.

17. Relax, have some fun, and work hard. You’re going to be A-Ok. (Mostly.)


Cover photo from: istock.com/Sergey Nivens

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