16 Sure Signs He/She Isn’t Into You

We’ve all been there at some point – whether we choose to admit it or not.

And we understand how easy it is to find yourself blindsided by the multiple warning signs that the person you’ve been into just simply isn’t feeling the same way. 

Call it denial – or claim wishful thinking – but odds are you’ve been through the same thing. (Don’t worry, we still think you’re great.)  

Well, it’s time you started taking stock and recognizing where you’re at with the one you like/love/pine for. And we’re here to help. These are 16 signs that he/she just isn’t that into you…

1. You’ve “Double Texted” More than Once in Your Recent Text History
That’s because he/she failed to respond to your first text and, as hard as you tried, you couldn’t control those fingers when the decision came to try again “send” on a second one. Maybe they just didn’t get the first one…?

2. He/She Avoids Pictures of the Two of You
He/she knows vary well that it’s sort of a big deal for a shot of the two of you together to end up on Facebook or Instagram. Not only will it lead others to speculate about your relationship when one of you would rather keep it on the down-low, doing so kills the other person’s game.

3. He/She Won’t Hold Your Hand in Public
And that’s for all of the same reasons they avoid pictures with you.  

4. Your Plans With Him/Her are Always Last-Minute
He/she can’t commit to plans with you in advance – whether that means a day or a week. After all, something better (aka: that hottie from the gym) may come along in the meantime.

5. His/Her Phone Dies a Lot 
It’s not the best sign when his/her phone always seems to “die” around midnight each and every time they go out. Sure, maybe their phone really is bad…but if he/she really wanted to see you, they’d text a heads up before the battery got below 10 per cent.

6. They Don’t Let You Leave Things at Their Place
No matter what, things start to take a more serious spin once you start leaving your belongings at his/her place. If he/she calls you ten minutes after you leave to let you know you’ve left something there, and brings it to your next dinner date, we suggest a little reality check.

7. They Openly Text Other Guys/Girls in Front of You
If he/she makes it easy for you to casually glance over at their phone screen through their perpetually texting fingers when they’re texting other guys and girls you’ve never herd of, we’re not going out on a limb when we say he/she probably isn’t feeling you.

8. He/She “Doesn’t Believe in Labels”
And you know this because he/she reminds you every time you get slightly buzzed enough to bring up the “what are we?” topic.

9. You’re Never Invited Along for Nights on the Town
Why would you be? What’s that expression about bringing sand to the beach? Conveniently, these are the same nights that his/her phone dies on a whim.

10. He/She Always Has “Somewhere to Be” First Thing on a Saturday or Sunday Morning
It’s one thing to have a late-night sleepover on Friday or Saturday nights, but to stick around the next day is a different story. If he or she always has “somewhere to be” every single morning after, perhaps you should have somewhere else to be the night before.

11. You’ve Never Meet His/Her Family
As a matter of fact, that one time his/her parents called from five minutes away for an unexpected visit, you were ruched out of there in such a panic you’d think the place was on fire.

12. He/She Doesn’t Ask Your Opinion on Things
Because, frankly, it doesn’t matter. They don’t plan on having you around long enough for your opinion to matter. Don’t like their new couch? It’s cool, you probably won’t be sitting on it long anyway…

13. He/She Makes Constantly Makes Plans Without Consulting You
If he/she makes it routine to tell you his/her plans for the weekend on a Friday afternoon (complete, with a “I hope to see you at some point”), rather than consult with you first, it just solidifies your status as their backup plan.

14. You’d Think He/She Were the Prime Minister with how “Insane” Work Has Suddenly Become
If there’s one thing that’s difficult to argue against with fellow young professionals, it’s the so reliable “work commitment excuse.” Remember, if he/she really wants to see you – no matter how insane work gets – they just will. As a matter of fact, he/she should see you as a release from all the work stress. 

15. He/She is “Not Ready for a Relationship”
Correction: he or she just isn’t ready for a relationship with you. We’ve seen even the most non-committal of the hard partying YP magically become “ready” for a relationship once they meet the one they want to be ready for.

16. He/She Avoids Eye Contact During Sex
Being sexual inevitably invites the possibility for both emotional and physical attachment. Making eye contact heightens this possibility (in the mind of the person who’s just not that into you, at least)… so that’s why they don’t.

Sorry for the blow; but we promise you’ll thank us later. 


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