16 of the Most Common Fashion Mistakes Men Make

Time and time again we are told that first impressions are important. And while there’s a never-ending list of advice for women on fashion no-nos, when it comes to men, many are sabotaging their appearance and don’t even know it. From buttoning a blazer the wrong way, to wearing shoes that look like they are designed more for elves than humans, here are 16 of the most common fashion mistakes men make.   

1. Wearing Too Many Labels
Being a label lover is one thing, but when you start looking like a walking advertisement, it is time to start combing back on the designer logos. Invest in a designer item because you love the fabric, quality and fit, not because you want others to see how high status you are.  

2. Not Knowing When To Let Go of Clothes
From sneakers, to trousers, and even underwear, if your garments have holes or stains on them, then it’s time to toss ’em. 

3. Choosing The Wrong Dress Shoe
This is one of the biggest style errors that men seem to make and one of the first things that women notice on a man. Too curled up and pointy or too clunky and square, there is a fine line on the shape of a man’s shoe. Oxfords, Derby, Loafers, Cap Toes, or Monk Straps are all great, classic shoe styles, but the most important aspect of a man’s shoe is the shape of the toe. Always opt for a more rounded silhouette. 

4. Wearing Ill-fitting clothes
Many men feel manlier wearing oversized silhouettes, but even on larger men, slimmer styles are far more flattering. That said, if your shirt or jacket is riding up your armpits, it’s time to go up a size. The key is to try on a size down and a size up from what you normally would wear and compare the difference. Invest in well-tailored pieces that will make the best of your physique. 

5. Missing Spots While Shaving
We know it never happens on purpose, and your morning routine’s always a rush. But it is never attractive seeing random patches of fur that were missed on your morning shave, even in the most hard to reach or see spots. For some shaving tips, check out our straight razor shave guide

6. Buttoning a Blazer The Wrong Way
Here are the basic rules: if a jacket has two buttons, only fasten the top one. If it has three, you can close the top button only, the middle button only, or both the middle and top button – but always leave the bottom button undone. 

7. Wearing a Short Sleeve Shirt With a Tie
Wearing a tie with a short sleeve shirt is typically perceived as working class apparel. Unless you work at a fast-food joint, where your sleeves are dipping into the food, sticking to long-sleeve shirts with a tie will keep you looking professional and sharp.  

8. Wearing The Wrong Tie Length
The length of a man’s tie can change his whole appearance. A tie should always end at the centre of your belt buckle; if it’s too short or too long, it can leave you looking clown-like. 

9. Applying Too Much Cologne
Don’t get us wrong, women love the smell of a man’s cologne… but only when you are close to them. If we can smell you across the room, it really gives us no reason to come any closer.

10. Sporting Sweatpants In Public
Unless you’re at the gym, avoid wearing your sweats in public. It gives off a lazy and careless impression.

11. Clipping Your Phone to Your Pants
Not only does it make you look stubby, but clipping your cellphone to your belt just makes you look nerdy. Instead, slip your phone into a jacket, blazer or pant pocket.

12. Pairing Ill-suited Items Together
Wearing sporty sunglasses with a blazer or a crisp dress shirt with baggy, torn up jeans leaves you looking disheveled and confused. Make sure each piece in your ensemble harmonizes well with the other.  

13. Leaving Hair on the Back of the Neck
For the men who don’t get haircuts too often, it definitely doesn’t hurt to check the back of your neck with a hand mirror every once in a while. To stay looking sharp and well-groomed, use a razor to shave any grown out hair on your neck line. 

14. Wearing Pants That Are Too Long
Not only do pants that are too long look bulky and sloppy, but the bottoms eventually start fraying at the end as well. Make sure to hem all overly long, floppy trousers to avoid looking like a delinquent. 

15. Sporting Terrible Sunglasses
Unless you are partaking in a triathlon, keep the sports frames at home. What makes these even worse is when a man wears them on the top or the back of the head. Stick to a classic, more refined shaped, like aviators.

16. Not Doing Up Enough Shirt Buttons
If we can see your chest hair, keep fastening… enough said.


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