16 Essential Accessories for Every Music Festival Going Female

Music festivals are one of our all time favourite things about the summer.

And this year, there seems to be no shortage of blockbuster outdoor options (here are just 25 of them). 

The tricky part is how to pack and what to wear for these events.

We all want to stand out with style but there’s more to be being festival ready than a pair denim shorts and a headband.

From fashion pieces to tinted lip balms, we got you covered with these 16 essential music festival accessories. So whether you’re rocking out at Osheaga or camping out at the WayHome Festival, this list is all you’ll need to ensure an epic weekend. 

1. Caps and Hats
Whether you’re a baseball cap kind of gal or a boho chic maven, rock your favourite hat to block the sunrays while looking totally “on fleek”. Added bonus: no sun stroke for you.

2. Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo might just be your bestie during music festival time, absorbing all the oil from a full day of sweaty mosh pits and dancing while adding volume and pretty odor to your lifeless locks.

3. Sunnie it Up
Daytime festivals are awesome because we can rock out in the craziest and coolest sunglasses while also protecting our eyes from UV rays. Lose the squint and get creative.
4. Tinted Lip Balm with SPF
Tinted lip balm does the job twice. It moisturizes and gives you colour, making it a no brainer to pack along. Less packing means more room for other things right?
5. Water Bottles
Instead of buying tons of plastic water bottles throughout the day to keep hydrated, give our earth a little love and get a refillable water bottle that’s enviromentaly friendly like this water bobble.
6. Portable Phone Charger
Worst thing ever? Your phone dying when your favourite band comes on stage meaning no insta or snapchat posts for the rest of the day. Always pack a portable charger to avoid major disappointment.

7. Bellbottoms
Woodstock style is back with a vengeance, so stay on trend and show the skinny jean girls what a fashion-forward gal you are by rocking these hippie-chic pants.

8. Sun Screen
Too much exposure to the sun will not only leave you sunburned, it’ll have you looking old before your time (and, you know, cause permanent skin damage). This might just be your best friend during festival season. Your skin will thank you for years.

9. Temporary Hair Colour
‘Cause you’re just so free and people need to know it.

10. Denim Shorts
Always a staple on the music festival circuit, worn-in jean shorts are a must because they literally go with anything and everything.
11. Arm Candy
Layer colourful bracelets to add some pizzazz to your outfit. The right accessories can completely transform your look without taking up room in your bag.
12. Boots
Between the mud, spilled drinks, and thousands of people everywhere, the right boots will keep you clean and stylish all festival long.

13. The Crop Top
Flash some flesh with a festival-ready bold crop top that pairs perfectly with the denim shorts or bell-bottoms we mentioned (and you already better be wearing).

14. Fanny Pack
This is a quintessential festival must-have. Light, easy, and hands free for carrying around all the little things you need. The 80s are back, baby – in florescent pink if it’s up to us.
15. Earplugs
Did you know that at certain shows earplugs actually make the sound better? This couldn’t be more true than for those of us that love being right by the stage. Protect those eardrums without having to sacrifice the up close and personal experience.

16. Hand Sanitizer
Let’s be honest, music festivals are a germaphobes biggest nightmare. Lineups for bathrooms are out of control and a simple hand sanitizer will save you on time and weird rashes.


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