15 Things You Should Always Say ‘Yes’ To

So many articles have been published about the importance of saying ‘no’ that we’ve seemingly forgotten how pleasant life can be when you apply an open mind a sprinkle of YOLO.

We’re not talking about approaching every day with reckless abandon – but there certainly a few things we think you should always be saying ‘yes’ to. Here are 15 of them…


1. Road Trips
Cheesy music, staring at fields, sitting for hours on end, being too hot and/or cold, and stopping for McDonald’s are just a few of the otherwise undesirable things that are exponentially better when you’re on the road with friends. Seriously, when was the last time you had a bad time on a road trip? Instagram tells us never.

2. A Drink
Even if it’s just a glass of water, you should accept the offer. The person asking has no concern for your thirst – it’s a polite gesture, like shaking hands, that should be always be embraced.

3. Netflix and Chill
The chill is always negotiable, so worst-case scenario is committing 100% to Netflix – and that’s always 100% a good thing.

4. Dressing Up
Pretending you’re spending the night with The Great Gatsby every now and then makes for a hell of a time.

5. A Nap
Sure, you could probably power through and do whatever’s more important than a nap at half-capacity. Or you could take half an hour to re-charge and own the world when you wake up. If someone asks you to nap with them – all the better.

6. Extra Guac
Can make (but will never break) a meal.

7. Sriracha
See above.

8. Helping a Friend Move
One day, you too will move. Guess who can’t say no when you ask them to help? Yup, the person whose IOU you have in your back pocket.

9. Sparing Some Change
For you, those coins will soon occupy a space between couch cushions. For someone asking if you can spare some change, they could provide a meal.

10. Splurging on Shoes
Whether for style or comfort, it’s always wise to drop some cash on the one piece of your wardrobe that’s almost a guaranteed daily staple.

11. Most Things Your Parents Ask as a Favour
Your parents had to say ‘yes’ to a million things when you were growing up on account of, well, being your parents. Now that you’re all grown up and they need a favour, it’s probably fair to say you owe them a few.

12. Tango/Salsa Lessons
As grinding at the club becomes increasingly passé, dancing in classier ways will become an exponentially more important skill.

13. Physical Activity
We don’t really need to explain all the benefits of an active lifestyle do we?

14. Vacation Days
Don’t feel bad for your colleagues, boss, or that pile of spreadsheets on your desk. You only get a few of these a year – use all of them.

15. Saying ‘No’
That’s right, you should say ‘yes’ to saying ‘no’, which can be equally helpful in business as well as social settings. FOMO’s all in your head, anyway.