15 Hashtags That Define Every Millennial’s Weekend

No matter the weekend or what’s on the itinerary, there are a handful of words, phrases, actions, and activities that are bound to make an appearance on your social radar.

A few scenarios: do you #netflixandchill or #turnup? Night out with #bae or #f*ckboy chasing?

Tell us these things haven’t entered your thoughts since the moment you left work on Thursday and we’ll tell you the lie detector determined that was a lie.

Here are 16 hashtags that define every weekend – whether they make it into your Instagram caption or not…

#shotsonshotsonshots On hangover on regrets on shame.

#bae We met 20 minutes ago. 

#goals Relax, it’s just a photo of a pineapple…


#f*ckboy Bouncer? F*ckboy. Tinder guy who didn’t reciprocate your super like? F*ckboy. Complete and utter gentleman who bought you a drink and even said something nice about your mother? F*ckboy. Doesn’t matter what it actually means.

#squad Ah, the #groupphoto, circa 2005. Or #bandpic, circa 1995.

#turnup We get it, you still pretend you drink Old E out of a paper bag

#lit If you’re consuming alcohol this weekend, you best believe you’re getting lit.


#netflixandchill Hey, not everyone goes out – but that doesn’t mean they don’t have fun.

#Tinder And you thought the club had too many f*ckboys. 

#blessed Avocado toast. So blessed. #basic Everyone loves a touch of humility. basic #brunch Some say Saturday night doesn’t officially end until Sunday brunch was had. #caesar It’d be rude not to… #uber As if you needed any more incentiveUber