14 Work Spaces We Want to Get Sh*t Done in

Warning: NSFW. 

Well, that’s technically only true if you don’t want to become depressed with where you’re working right now. ‘Cause these custom-built beauties are going to put your office to shame. 

And since young professionals are the hardest work group in the world, why shouldn’t we be doing it in a space that inspires us rather than shuts us down? 

Here our 14 of our favourite options that will make you hate the word ‘cubicle’ even more.  

1. Tufted fabric adds a cozy semblance. 

2. Natural textures create a calm atmosphere.

3. Monochromatics are not only our favourite in a fashion outfit combo, but they’re also perfect for a clean looking workspace.

4. Instead of letting loose papers flutter around your space, keep a board of all the odds and ends that inspire you.

5. Pops of unexpected colour add warmth and character.

6. Bring it back to school by using lockers for storage.

7. A table for two.

8. Unpredictable geometric shapes deliver a contemporary appearance.

9. Hanging a chandelier adds glamour.

10. Unique chalkboard walls add a practical charm.

11. Transform your room with unique and expressive walls. 

12. A swanky room divider adds a more intimate presence.

13. If you lack space, use an unused nook in your home.

14. Plants and fresh flowers soften the space and create a calming affect. 


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