14 Things You Need to Do at Whistler Film Fest

If the festival is the feature, consider this article the hot new trailer you’ve been waiting to see.

These are the can’t-miss events, films, and celebrities to catch at the 14th annual Whistler Film Festival.

1. Cocktails and canapés before the opening gala, at Araxi restaurant. Toast the town at the classiest watering hole right in the heart of Whistler Village.

2. On day 1 at 8pm, the red carpet is rolling out for the Western Canadian premiere of The Imitation Game, starring everyone’s boyfriend, Benedict Cumberbatch. Oscar buzz is already in the air – catch the screening at the Ballroom in the Whistler Convention Centre.

3. Brunch-fast of champions: fete your palate at Whistler’s best brunch spot, the Wildwood. All that film watching is bound to make you hungry so eat like the locals do in this tucked away gem. The Caesars are spicy enough to shake off any alpine chill. Be sure to go to the Tennis Club location.

4. Catch rising star, Sarah Canning in the darkly comedic, “I Put a Hit on You” at Village 8 Cinemas. Premiering at Sundance, the jilted lover flick reminds us all of the perils of drinking on the Internet.

5. Grab a rowdy bite and a few brews at the Longhorn Saloon, located at the foot of Whistler Blackcomb, you might see some local wild life (we’re not talking about grizzly bears) with a side of the best people watching in the Village.

6. If you’re lucky, you might just brush up close with Hollywood heartthrob, Chace Crawford, star of the penultimate Whistler flick, Mountain Men. Chace will be walking the red carpet before the World Premiere of Canadian Cam Labine’s harrowing sibling meets wilderness tale.

7. Enjoy a little ambience and music with five great musical acts at the WFF Music Cafe – a new addition to the festival events for 2014 happening one day only. From 1-5pm at Garfinkel’s, sit back and take in live performances by WiL, Chersea, Zaac Pick, Rococode, and Humans. Access to the WFF Music Cafe is open to industry, festival pass holders, and Cinematic 6 pack holders who will receive one WFF Music Cafe credential, based on capacity. 

8. Friday night offers almost too many great films to choose from, we suggest the terrifying tale of Backcountry, the ultra-fashionable After the Ball, or lighthearted, neurotic Pretend We’re Kissing

9. Watch your favourite celebs hit the slopes for the Celebrity Ski Challenge. You’ll surely see Jason Priestley on the hills but we’re holding out for Kim Cattrall, the perfect, poised snow bunny. Open to the public, registration starts bright and early at 8:30AM. Bundle up, ‘cause last year was Canadian-level cold. 

10. Saturday night honours Kim Cattrall with the first ever Maverick Award, presented by none other than BC’s Beverly Hills sweetheart, Jason Priestley. Join Kim as she’s celebrated for her incredible and expansive career. Tickets are just $25 and the room is sure to be packed with star power.

11. Rub shoulders with locals and festivalgoers alike at everyone’s favourite late night spot, Zog’s. You might just find yourself invited to one of the many private parties happening at the festival.

12. Brunch with the best of them at the WFF Awards Brunch. Join delegates, filmmakers, celebrities, and icons over an intimate and glitzy brunch. The perfect way to cap off your Whistler Film Festival experience. 

13. Don’t forget about your fitness. It’s always worth it to whip down Blackcomb once or twice. Just think of it as your pre-film fest workout. We suggest going early before the hills get busy. 

14. Of course, amongst all the action, there’s also nothing better than relaxing in a hot tub with views of the snow-capped mountains surrounding you. With a glass bottle of wine – obviously. 


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