14 Things That Will Disappear in Our Lifetime

First of all, a necessary parameter.

Let’s quantify a lifetime as 50 years because, well, it’s a round number and most people can probably discern what can be reasonably expected to happen within half a century.

By applying trends in tech, sociology, innovation, health, politics, and biology, we can make a few predictions about what’ll disappear before our time – individually, not existentially – on this planet expires.

Here are 15 of those things:

1. Bottled water. Given our understanding of plastic’s damage to the environment, its astonishing that some people still stop to pick up a 24-pack of bottled water on their way to the cottage.

2. Smoking in public. British Columbia’s already there. Getting Europe on board, however, will be one hell of a fiery battle.


3. Non-professional cameras. Just imagine what your iPhone camera will be capable of in 10 years. If you’re not in the biz, you’ll be just fine with only your phone.

4. Internet bills. Being online will be a fundamental human right, and we’ll all be connected all the time. For free. Trust us, Elon’s workin’ on it.

5. Non-renewable energy. Fossil fuels will become the new f-word.

6. Landlines. When’s the last time you signed up for internet and home phone?

7. Half of the world’s languages. Linguistic devastation is real.

8. Snail mail. Sure, we’ll still need to send things physically – but letters will not be one of those things.

9. Extreme poverty. Slowly but surely, we’re getting there.

10. Mountain gorillas, leatherback turtles, and black rhinos. Plus these 99 endangered, vulnerable and threatened species.

11. Privacy. We’re clinging to shreds of it now – just imagine what power the NSA will possess 50 years from now.

12. Cheques. Here‘s why.

13. Physical currency. Do your thing, Bitcoin.

14. Glasses. The cost of laser eye surgery will lower so much that it will become commonplace. Which also means contacts won’t be a thing either. Well, unless they’re enhancing your vision past normal human capability.