14 Signs You’ve Finally Grown Up

You may not realize it, but you’ve come a long way. 

Before you feel guilty about getting drunk on the weekend or the fact that your mother’s wish for grandchildren won’t be fulfilled anytime soon, here are 14 signs that you’ve finally grown up. 

And if you don’t check all the boxes, you’ll get there (hopefully). 

1. You actually send back mailed wedding invitations. 
Whereas a few years back, your friends and family would know you were attending (or not) thanks to a text message or email at the 11th hour. 

2. You have investment pieces of furniture. 
Though there’s no shame in mixing in a little Ikea here and there, your place isn’t furnished entirely from The Swedish Giant or Craigslist the way it was in university. 

3. You never run out of toilet paper. 
Which means you’re also always fully stocked in the Kleenex department. 

4. You have a growing savings account. 
Meaning the calls home to mom and dad for money are a thing of the past. So is the impulse to spend every last cent you make on things like designer purses (with no cash in your wallet) or a big screen TV that doesn’t fit your space but is perfect for video games.

5. Your fridge is full of groceries. 
Whereas pizza, sushi and your local Thai joint used to be on speed dial, your fridge is now full of groceries… and not ones from weeks ago that are slowly rotting away. #winning. 

6. It’s rare to go hard on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. 
You had a different spot each night of the week in university but now you’re actually selective in the nights you want to get totally sloppy. There’s too much to do the next day now that your list of weekend errands has magically doubled. Unless you’ll always be a Weekend Warrior

7. You know exactly where your local Home Depot and Canadian Tire stores are. 
And you frequent them on weekends hours earlier than you’d ever consider emerging from bed in your early twenties. 

8. You can tell the age of babies you meet. 
Thanks to your growing number of friends with kids, you even know when they should be crawling and teething. Yikes! 

9. You know exactly what to expect when you order foie gras, tartare or Carpaccio. 
And you actually enjoy it. 

10. You own a set of luggage. 
This is opposed to the falling apart duffel bag and ratty suitcase that got you through road trips in university. 

11. You know the difference between a glass of cabernet sauvignon and a pinot noir. 
And, proudly, know exactly how to taste it at the table without looking like a fool. 

12. You own art you’ll keep. 
As opposed to the department store prints that you thought were so artsy and creative of you years ago. 

13. You have learned how to iron. 
And if not, well, you’ve found a pretty great dry cleaner. 

14. You’ve had that cell phone for a while. 
Which means you haven’t been drunk enough to lose it or break it, along with your dignity. 

So, do you feel any better about yourself yet? If not, it looks like you’ve just found your new to-do list. 


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