14 Notable Ways to Save Money that Won’t Cramp Your Style

Sure, we’ve been lectured about things like savings accounts, RRSPs, RSPs, and everything else in the ‘financial responsibility’ realm since our first jobs.

And hopefully, most of us have listened.

Even so, many of us haven’t made it to being millionaires quite yet and could all stand to save a little cash here and there.

Here are 14 ways to do so:

1. Hit the Bank Machine Before a Big Night Out
Bring the cards just in case, but hit the ATM and decide only to spend the amount in your wallet. It’s easy to lose track of your evening’s spending when it’s all done on credit card, especially when you’re overly generous, slightly buzzed self orders the bartender to put your friends’ martinis on your tab too (leading you to shudder at the crumpled up receipt in the morning).

2. Find ‘Happy Hour’
Especially when the average price of a cocktail can set you back close to $20, take advantage of bars with ‘happy hour’ specials when catching up with friends and coworkers after work. It’s not just the cheesy chain restaurants that do this – some of the hottest new spots in cities across the country have jumped on board.

3. Grocery Shop When You’re in a Rush
Have you ever emerged from a grocery store and wondered how you managed to spend a full hour of your life lost within its aisles? A look down at your over-stocked cart provides an instant answer to your question. Shop when time is of the essence so you don’t end up buying the entire store. Side note: shopping with a basket rather than a cart also helps. Cart full = time to go.

4. Pack Light  
Pretty much every female in the world is guilty of packing her entire bedroom; but bags that exceed airport weight limits can tack another $100 (or more) onto your travel bill. Not to mention, if you’re not lugging around a massive suitcase, you’ll be more inclined to take the express shuttle over a cab when you arrive at your destination. 

5. Make Exclusive Deal Sites ‘Favourites.’
Sites like Groupon offer extremely discounted prices on everything from spa, yoga, and waxing experiences to restaurant certificates and even hotel stays. Make it a point to check these sites on the regular.

6. Swap Closets with a Friend 
Looking good costs money. Especially these days, when all it takes is one tagged photo to ensure that an outfit can’t be worn again anytime soon. The solution? Do a shop in your friend’s closet and invite your friend to do the same in yours. It’s like a whole new wardrobe for zero dollars. When you swap back in a few months, you’ll realize how much you missed those pieces you were “so sick of.”

7. Find a Great Shoe Repair Shop
Find a reliable shoe repair shop and take your shoes at the beginning or the end of the season for a little sprucing up. Classically designed shoes can last for years…as long as you don’t wait until they’re beyond the point of repair.

8. Make Your Own Coffee
You have a coffee maker at home and at the office, yet you’re still spending $5-$10 on coffee each day. How much sense does that make? Start brewing your own. It’s much more affordable and also the more environmentally friendly choice (think of all the cups you’re saving weekly).

9. Stream Yoga Classes Online
We get that it’s an investment in your physical and personal well-being, but yoga classes can be damn expensive – even if you buy class packages. Luckily, there are countless sites that allow you to stream online at low prices.

10. Kiss Your Cable Goodbye  
Do you really need that cable subscription? In addition to saving money, we promise you’ll also find much better use of your time without it – even if it means calling your mother as often as she would like you to. And, hey, there’s always Netflix.

11. Catch Up with the Girls or Guys at Sunday Brunch Instead of Dinner
Even if your brunch is filled with caesars and mimosas, dinner at your city’s newest hot spot is guaranteed to be more expensive than a brunch or lunch option. Not to mention, brunch isn’t as much of a production, you won’t be as rushed, and you can carry on with your crew carrying a nice Sunday Funday buzz along too.

12. Buy Designer Bags and Wallets at Consignment Stores
What’s always shocking is the amount of females walking around with purses that you know cost almost as much as their monthly salary. Your city is full of vintage shops and consignment stores where you can find some classic gems from your favourite designers at a much more affordable price (meaning Chanel purses are “only” $2000).

13. Skip the Salon for a Basic Trim
We’re not suggesting you hit your local discount haircut place if you want an intricate style, complete with a tear from a magazine. But – for both ladies and gents – if you’re in the market for a basic trim, skip the bells and whistles of a fancy salon and hit a discount hair place for an affordable cut that gets the job done.

14. Go for a Drink on a First Date Instead of Dinner
Why waste upwards of $100 on a first date, especially when there’s the potential you’ll never see the person again? Opt for drinks or coffee instead. Not only is it less of a financial commitment, it’s less of a time commitment as well. And, hey, if it’s going well, dinner can always follow…


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