14 Better Ways to Warm Yourself Up This Winter

Okay, Canada, it’s officially cold. And sadly, we’re just too damn wise to deny the fact that it’s only going to get colder.  

So what’s a Canadian young professional (YP) to do – just bundle up and bare it?


Instead of partaking of the same old advice (because hot chocolate really hasn’t cut it since you were about 12), check out our 14 better ways to bring the heat back to your chilly cheeks this winter. 

1. Down a Shot of Rye
Not scotch, not bourbon, not mixed, not on ice; homegrown Canadian rye, straight up. Go.

2. Put Your Comforter in the Drier
Over and over.

3. Cuddle a Dog
They’re basically little furry heat packs.

4. Do It
Yup. We’re talking about sex – with another person.

5. Put Your Laptop on Your Lap
And open every application you have. (But not for too long.)

6. Straddle a Floor Vent
Preferably while wearing some kind of bottom-open attire, like a bathrobe. You know what we’re talking about.

7. Go out for Mexican
Spice, tequila, sombreros on the wall – it all works.

8. Dig Out Your Electric Blanket
For sure your mom still has it.

9. Hit Up a Hamam
Because Turkish steam baths are the bomb.

10. Magic Bag Yourself
Being cold is a physical ailment.

11. Do Hot Yoga
The name doesn’t lie. It’s so hot. Like, I-didn’t-know-I-could-sweat-from-there hot.

12. Build a Blankie Fort/Pillow Nest
You’re never too old. Ever.   

13. Embarrass Yourself
Blushing isn’t just for looks. Your rosy cheeks will be the real-deal.

14. Be a Hermit
Can you say, “Working remotely today?” Blankets, tea, and soup for lunch. It’s hard to get cold when you don’t go outside all day…


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