13 Toronto Bars and Restaurants You Need to Hit Before the End of Summer

Now, there’s something I have to tell you. And maybe you should be sitting down for this…

Technically – Summer is 20% over.

I know. I know. Just breathe. The first 20% flew by before most of us even had a chance to make our annual LFO / B4-4 mix tapes, so as of now, there’s no more wasting time.

First order of business: making sure you hit the restaurants ready to ride the summer waves by serving up some of the hottest drinks, food and atmosphere Toronto has to offer.

So go, scoot, scram. Check ‘em out. And don’t be afraid to head to some of these spots a little early for some much-deserved day-drinking


Bar Raval
You know what they say: good things come in small packages. Try the food, but definitely stay for the cocktails.

Harvest Kitchen
Great overall food program, but Saturday or Sunday brunch on the upstairs patio is where it’s at. They also offer a $15 corkage fee.

Torito Tapas Bar
Right at the College mouth of Kensington, you could easily miss this spot if you’re not looking for it. Head out to the back patio for great tapas and some solid sangria.

Rasa (by the Food Dudes)
One of the best new Toronto restaurants of 2014, you have to snag a seat on their wrap-around patio before the cold weather comes back. They also probably have the tightest Monday night game in town.

Velouté Bistro
Voted by our readers as the best East-side restaurant patio, this is a great spot to grab a delicious dinner after a nice summer day in The Beaches.

El Furniture Warehouse (Queen Street)
Always. Crazy. If you’re about energy, don’t finish summer without a Saturday bash at this place. Plus, the portions are surprisingly generous for the $5 price tag next to every item on the menu.

Flor de Sal
For those seeking a high-end, romantic option under the stars, be sure to check out this modern European addition to Davenport. Be prepared to fight for a seat on their small but beautiful patio.

Live Organic Food Bar
It’s summer; you’re supposed to get healthier. Swing by the back patio behind this Dupont life-saver and treat yourself to the city’s most delicious cleanse.

Bar Fancy
Ok, it doesn’t have a patio, but if you head here for drinks, oysters and fried chicken and don’t leave in the finest summer spirits, we need to talk about your priorities.

The One Eighty
On the 51st floor of the Manulife Centre, you won’t find a better high-rise view of the city while you enjoy a summer meal.

Colette Grand Café
Who doesn’t love Paris in the summer? Oh, uh…except, no smoking – which is a good thing.

Local Public Eatery
This place has all but taken over Liberty Village. And for good reason; it’s almost impossible to not have fun here, especially when you snag a picnic table on the patio.

Kanpai Snackbar
$3 shots of Jameson, Asian Caesars, and a family-sized fried chicken dinner that comes with a six of Pabst? Next summer stop: Cabbagetown.