13 Things Every Woman Notices the First Time at a Guy’s Place

The first time at a guy’s place can be a real deal-breaker, or a real deal-maker.

While we don’t mean to judge (especially when all it takes is one evening of having “nothing to wear” to turn our own bedrooms into a disaster zone), there are a few things we can’t help but notice when we see your place for the first time.

And by “a few,” we mean these 12…


1. The Smell
Before we’ve even removed our shoes, we notice the smell of your apartment. If it smells like a filthy frat house, an animal kingdom, or like week-old takeout, odds are, we’ll be out of there as soon as we can – we don’t want that smell getting in our clothes or hair. But if it smells good – this is a great first impression.

2. Traces of Other Women
Whether it’s as obvious as a pair of heels at the door or girly shampoo in the shower, or something he’d never notice – like a bobby pin between the couch cushions or a strand of long brown hair in the bed – women are practically trained to detect signs of other females. We notice.

3. The State of the Bathroom
While don’t expect the bathroom to be as clean as a suite in the Ritz Carlton, we will notice if the mirror is so filthy we can’t properly check ourselves out, the absence of toilet paper on the roll, if the garbage is overflowing (or worse, if there isn’t a garbage in the first place), and – especially – if the shower is so gross that we wouldn’t set foot in it without flip flops.

4. Photos
Whether they’re on your fridge, beside your bed, or on your wall, if you have photos we’re going to check them out. They reveal who you’re closest to, and offer a little insight into your family and friendship dynamics. Plus, they’re probably different from the few hundred we’ve already gone through of you on social media.

5. Art
As art is subjective and personal to the owner, we probably won’t judge you for your taste in it – but we will take notice of the types of pieces that decorate your walls (or, lack thereof, for that matter).

6. Reading Material
Your reading material can reveal a lot about you. A bookshelf lines with university textbooks shows your desire to retain and pursue knowledge and wisdom; fiction books show you’re able to disconnect, tune out work and the world and enjoy time to yourself; business books shows a desire to learn and an appreciation of the wisdom and experiences of others; and coffee table books may reveal a tendency to entertain at your place – all good things to know. No books is always a bad sign.

7. The State of the Sheets
Your bed doesn’t have to be made (really, who has time to make theirs every single day?), but we will notice the state of your sheets and bed in general. Mismatched pillowcases probably won’t go over well (unless you’re still living in a frat house), nor will those smeared with mascara or drool stains.

8. Whether there Are Any Plants
If you have plants (aside from the weed you’ve been trying to grow), that’s definitely a good sign if you’re in the market for a relationship. It shows you’re capable of caring for something and keeping it alive.

9. Your Groceries
While we’ll stop short of scoping out the inside of your fridge and cupboards, we’ll make a mental note of the visible grocery store purchases. This means everything from what cereal you prefer (Lucky Charms vs. Weetabix), to whether you eat brown or white bread.

10. The Presence of a Video Game Console
Any female who’s dated a guy with a video game addiction knows to look for a video game console right away. But even if she hasn’t, she will make a mental note of a freshly played gaming system (so you may want to hide it away for now).

11. Your Towels
If we take a shower and you offer us your one sole towel that’s still damp from your shower, odds are that will be the first and last time we ever shower at your place. That’s because we probably won’t be back. You don’t need a selection of Pottery Barn’s finest (though that wouldn’t hurt), but the absence of towels or a mismatch of towels (including the branded beer company one you won at the bar) isn’t going to help your cause.

12. Your Plates
The same principle for the towels applies to your plates. You need to have a set of them by now – and not ones that are made of paper. And yes, we’ve been served dinner on paper plates before. And no, it wasn’t outdoors.


13. If You Have A Pet
First off, the fact that you have a pet is usually a good sign. Forget plants, a pet shows you can specifically care for a living, breathing thing that depends on you. Probably not the greatest if you have 6 tarantulas and a snake though, stick to the cute and furry ones and it’ll go over well (unless we’re allergic).