13 Signs You’ve Hopped on the Health Craze Bandwagon

There’s a difference between living a balanced, healthy(ish) lifestyle and being one of those health-obsessed trend-clingers who you secretly love to hate.

But hey, their bodies were more than ready for bathing suit season.

Or maybe you’re among the health-crazed yourself. Here are 13 signs you’ve jumped on the bandwagon (and aren’t coming off any time soon).

1. You consume 1 of your 3 daily meals in liquid form.
“It fills me up right until lunch!” Right?

2. You observe many different lifestyle choices.
“Are any of these muffins gluten-free? Sugar-free? Lactose-free?”

3. It’s not that you don’t eat meat, it’s that you don’t eat it as much as you used to.
Tofu, tempeh, halloumi… the substitutions really are endless. And Fresh is pretty much around the corner, so…

4. While last year you were eating pizza and sandwiches for lunch, this year you’re eating massaged kale and quinoa.
And the very thought of those sandwiches and pizza now makes you shudder.

5. You’ve either done, are considering, or are currently doing, the 22-day vegan diet.
Yoncé did it, so…

6. While it used to be normal to “treat yo’ self” with a little bit of junk food once a day, now it’s more like once a week.
And your friends and significant other are very aware of when it’s your “cheat day.”

7. You have a favourite YouTube fitness channel.
And you almost feel like you have a personal relationship with the instructor.

8. Your diet is strictly “low-carb.”
Protein, lots of veggies, no grains… the whole shebang.

9. Your 2% milk has been kicked to the curb and replaced with almond, coconut, rice or soymilk.
And you don’t mind it.

10. Your famous pastries have gone from strawberry shortcake to zucchini, pumpkin, and flax muffins.
And your friends and family couldn’t be more bitter about it.

11. You’re slowly pooling your money together to purchase a Vitamix.
Just think of all those juices, smoothies and soups right at your fingertips. Drool.

12. The Fitbit is your new favourite walking buddy.
Every time you reach that 10,000th step, you strongly feel like you deserve a gold star. 

13. You sometimes wonder how long you can keep all of this up.
And to that we say: “can’t stop, won’t stop.”


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