13 Reasons Why Coconut Oil Needs to Be a Part of Your Life

We’ve come to value the beloved coconut more than ever thanks to the widespread popularity of both its water and oil.

Both seem to have caught on as quickly as hot yoga did for young professionals.

We were already hooked on coconut water, but knew less about the benefits of coconut oil until we turned to the experts at Jax Coco to find out exactly what the big deal was anyway.

They offered us some insight on the many uses of coconut oil, along with some of its celebrity fans.

Here are 13 reasons why you should consider making coconut oil a staple of your daily life….

1. It Will Make Your Morning Better
Add a tablespoon of coconut oil to your morning smoothie for an energy boost.

2. You Can Feel Better About Drinking Coffee
Speaking of mornings, mix coconut oil into your coffee instead of cream or milk to boost your metabolism.

3. You Can Save Money on Eye Makeup Remover
For sensitive eyes, use coconut oil to remove eye makeup like Miranda Kerr does.

4. You Can Bake With Less Guilt  
Swap butter with coconut oil for a healthier and dairy-free baking alternative.

5. It Wins Over Vegetable Oil
Cook with coconut oil rather than vegetable oils because its higher smoke point prevents the release of harmful free radicals.

6. It Makes Your Salads Even Better for You
Whisk melted coconut oil into your salad dressing to better absorb the fat-soluble vitamins in your salad.

7. It Gives You a Healthier Mouth
Coconut oil can be used for oil pulling to naturally whiten teeth and kill bacteria in your mouth.

8. It Helps Your Hangover Cause
Apply coconut oil under your eyes to reduce puffiness and dark bags and your secret will be safe.

9. Your Hair Will Look Better in Pictures
Do what Blake Lively does and apply coconut oil to the ends before shampooing to prevent damage and dry ends.

10. You’ll Take Less Sick Days
Coconut oil boosts immunity by improving your white blood cell count when ingested.

11. You’ll Breathe Easier
Coconut oil clears congestion. Just apply a mix of coconut oil, tea tree oil and rosemary oil to your chest.

12. You’ll Have Sexier Lashes
Follow Lauren Conrad’s steps and leave a little bit of coconut oil on the base of your eyelashes to help them grow.

13. You’ll Crack Less
Your skin will remain well hydrated when covered with coconut oil – essential for a Canadian winter. 


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