13 Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

You have little more than 24 hours before Halloween takes over. 

But when you’re a young professional woman, things like finding a costume often take a back seat to, you know, real life

Luckily, we’ve put together a collection of our favourite last-minute Halloween makeup ideas. From creepy to cute, have no fear; you can practically do most of these in a cab on the way to your party…

1. Pop Art Girl 

2. Mexican Sugar Skull

3. Sexy Spider Web Eye 

4. Shot in the Head

5. Scary Skeleton

6. Cat Woman

7. Mournful Mime

8. Disturbing Doll 

9. Bloody Mary

10. Creepy Clown

11. Vampy Vampire

12. Dummy Mouth

13. Deer

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Cover image from: istock.com/kommaz

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