12 Things Men Wear That Women Hate

Women seem to care more about what they look like than men do for the most part, but what most men don’t realize is that not caring about your appearance can often be an instant deal breaker. Some fashion mistakes we can let slide, but others are just too severe to try to amend. We’ve asked around about what it is that men wear that women despise the most.

1. Sport Sunglasses
“Sport sunglasses are the most unflattering shape of glasses. Though men think they look sleek and dauntless in them, there is absolutely nothing cool about them. They’re just outdated and outright gross.”

2. Wide Leg Pants
“Wide leg pants are not stylish in anyway shape or form; in fact, they are just unflattering. When you see a man in ill-fitting pants it just tells you that he has no sense of fashion and no idea about what is current in this day.”

3. Ill-fitting Suit
“A tailored suit is one of the sexiest things a man can wear, but when he is swimming in his jacket, it just looks plain sloppy. An off-the-rack, non-tailored suit does less to a man in professional attire than simply wearing casual clothing. Someone who takes their business seriously should take their appearance seriously and exhibit their attention to detail. 

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4. Pointy or Square-toed dress shoes
“Men’s dress shoes that are pointy or square toed are most certainly not in trend right now. A lot of these things that guys think of as a go-to item or silhouette are just outdated and show that he lacks a sense of personal style.”

5. Too Tight or Too Deep of a V
“We’re adults now, put your cleavage away. It’s just a trashy and greasy look.”

6. Too Many Labels
“Wearing too many labels at once is in poor taste. Men do it to show off that they have money, which usually means that they don’t.” 

7. Bulky belt
“A big, bulky belt or a logo belt is gaudy. A belt should serve as a function, not as a fashion statement. Everything on a man should look utilitarian rather than overt and obvious. Most of the more obvious items a man buys are not fashion trends, but fashion fads. They have a cool factor for no more than a month and then they’re out.” 

8. Flip-Flops
“If there is no beach within walking distance, then put those puppies way. You should not be strolling around the city in them.”

 9. Vests
“Whether we’re talking a jean vest, a leather vest, or an old fashioned suit vest, just keep the sleeves on. Vests don’t serve a function and it just looks overly decorative and too try-hard for a man.”

10. Snazzy Jeans
“Stone washed, bedazzled, or extreme stitching, nothing screams sleazy more than a flashy set of denim. A snazzy pair of jeans makes any man look like they’re from Jersey Shore. For men, classic is best, less is always more. Men should never be as decorated as women.” 

11. Synthetic Leather Jackets
“If a guy I knew was wearing fake leather, I would just think, ‘Be a man, get a real jacket, what’s wrong with you?’ But on women, for some reason, it seems OK. Perhaps it’s because women’s fashion trends change so much faster than men’s. We have more room for trendy items because we are not expected to wear as many classics as a man. Besides, pleather makes a man seem inconsequential.”

12. Slogan/Graphic Tees
“A t-shirt should be simple and not overly distracting. It’s like wearing a giant poster or advertisement. A lot of these graphic tees are corny and unflattering. You don’t know where to look.” 


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