12 Simple Ways to Brighten Your Partner’s Day

It doesn’t take much to make your partner feel valued, respected, and wanted.

We’re talking simple things. Little things. Think: less than two minutes, very little effort, and no credit cards.

But they’re things that speak volumes. Trust us.

Here are just 12 ways you can brighten your partner’s day…

1. Text Mid-Way Through the Workday
We’re not telling you to step away from deadlines to craft a novel of a mushy text message – hopefully your partner’s busy at work too, and all that reading takes time. But a one-sentence text telling them you hope they’re having a good day, you’re thinking of them, or that you love them, and we guarantee their smile will last much longer than it took to write it.

2. Ask Their Opinion
Whether it’s about your outfit, a breaking news story, or your thoughts on a new restaurant, asking for their opinion shows that you’re interested in their thoughts and insight. Not to mention, it will hopefully lead to a good, stimulating conversation – another essential in any relationship.  

3. Bring Home Their Favourite Treat
Sometimes a bag of Sour Patch Kids or a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream is just as precious as diamonds. Or a six-pack is equivalent to liquid gold. Seriously. You will be paid back ten-fold.

4. Tell Them They Look Good
Sweatpants on the couch or in bed first thing in the morning – they’re your partner, and thus they always look good to you. Tell them.

5. Stay Off Your Phone at Meals – Especially at Restaurants
We get that work commitments come up and that sometimes an email or two is necessary at the dinner table. But if you’re on your phone the entire time, not only will it entice them to look at theirs (and then we’ll be that awkward couple at the restaurant who are both on their phones), it will indicate a lack of interest in them and the conversation. Don’t do this.  

6. An Unexpected Kiss
This is how romance stays alive. A loving peck on the forehead or a full-on grocery aisle make-out. Your choice.

7. Notice When They’ve Changed Something
Whether it’s a haircut, a new pair of jeans, or how in shape they’ve gotten – pay attention.

8. Hand Write a Short and Sweet Note
We’re not talking about a multi-page love letter here. But a handwritten sticky note left on the fridge, in their car, or even on the pillow reassures them that good, old-fashioned romance isn’t lost. And we bet they’ll hold onto it a lot longer than a text message.

9. Ask Them What They Want to Do on the Weekend
Being blindsided with an entire planned weekend – from 5 o’clock cocktails on Friday to Sunday dinner at your parents’ place – is nobody’s idea of fun. We all work hard; deciding your days off together is vital to enjoying them together.

10. Treat Their Friends Like Your Friends
After all, they were around long before you came into the picture and, trust us, they aren’t going anywhere.

11. Bring Up Their Accomplishments in Front of Them
Bringing up a major work win, how they beat their personal best in a charity run, or their new-found talent in home decorating while in the company of others makes them feel so good. It’s a double win – showing you not only pay attention, but that you’re über proud of them too.

12. Roll Over and Pull Them Close in the Morning
Even if you’ve missed the alarm and you’re going to be late, nothing sets the tone for the rest of the day than a little morning cuddle in bed. Forget big spoon/little spoon roles, just grab your partner and squeeze them for another snooze button’s worth. 


Cover from: weheartit.com

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