12 Simple Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think

Sometimes, it can be really easy to lose perspective.

Our young professional (YP) world can get crazy, with stressful schedules and intense pressures. It’s not uncommon to feel like we’re just treading water, trying to stay afloat, or even worse – drowning.

But we promise it’s not as bad as you tend to believe. 

So give yourself a break, a pat on the back, or a self high-five, and check out these 12 simple signs that you’re actually doing better than you think:


1. You’re paid
Not to say that being unemployed means you’re failing at life, but that those who currently have a steady cash flow should feel pretty stoked about it. Whether you’re starting the career of your dreams or just working to pay bills at the moment, know that someone is depending on you to do a job, and that they think you’re good enough at it to pay you actual money.

2. You’ve been somewhere else
If you’ve had the means and opportunity to explore the world outside of where you were born, then you can’t help but be in possession of a broader worldview. Your open mind is showing, and it’s smokin’ hot.       

3. You’re getting some
Apart from those who deliberately abstain (hey, more power to ya), anyone who desires to do the dirty deed and get’s the actual opportunity to do so, on a somewhat regular basis, should consider themselves both fortunate and fabulous. That another person wants to get naked and have sex with you can only mean you’re totally amazing, in someway or another.    

4. You can rely on yourself
It may have taken some time to get to this point, but today you know you can fully trust and depend on yourself. When staring down at that third tequila shot on a Monday night, or that unfinished project on a Friday afternoon, you know that you’ll have your own back, whatever way things go.

5. You’re as great as your status says you are
If you can truthfully say that you’re as happy and successful as your social media self, then the nasty new concept of “image crafting” won’t mean anything to you. Kudos to you for keeping it real.

6. You have clean sheets
Having a crisp clean bed to retire to at night is a pretty good indicator that you’re doing A-Okay. Either you’re smart, mature, and able-bodied enough to do your own housework, or (even better) you’re awesome enough to have a partner or paid service (no, your mom doesn’t count) to do it for you.

7. You feel fine
This may seem obvious, yet for so many YPs, good health is often seen as a given, rather than the gift it actually is. If you’re able to physically get out of bed in the morning and get yourself through the day feeling relatively well, then you are already doing better than a whole whack of other people. Just think about that for a minute, and appreciate it.

8. Your bod’s also fine
On that note, for all of us YPs constantly feeling bad about not being thin enough or fit enough, take a sec to reevaluate just how fat or unfit you actually are. Sure, many of us could always be doing more when it comes to physical activity, but to stress out (aka: raise weight-gaining hormones) about a body weight that a doctor would realistically deem healthy, is pretty counterproductive, don’t you think? 

9. You look fine too
Your clothes are clean and relatively wrinkled-free, your shoes are matching, even un-scuffed, and your hairstyle doesn’t scream, “I’m homeless”; congratulations, you look just fine.  

10. You’re into stuff
Whatever you’re into – sports, scrap booking, rock n’ roll – just having an interest in something, anything, is a simple yet significant sign of good mental and emotional health.

11. You’re keeping something alive
A child, a pet, a plant: if you are currently keeping another living thing alive, well that’s just incredible.

12. You’re loved
The dating scene sucks, you’re butting heads with a colleague, and you’re fighting with a friend; sure, we’ve all had times when we feel like lonely losers. But even at such low points, we all know deep down that we’re still super loved, and that, in reality, there are at least a handful of family, friends, and co-workers, who still think we’re pretty damn special.



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