12 Signs You’re in a Creative Profession

We right-brained young professionals (YPs) seem to share a few of the same traits when it comes to our respective creative-based professions.

And it’s not just that we’ve been told to “get a real job” our entire lives.

While others in “safer” and “more secure” corporate worlds may not understand it (not even a little bit), here are 12 signs you’re in a creative profession—and probably having way more fun…


1) You’ve worn Converse (or another type of sneaker) to the office at least once.
Because nobody is going to tell you not to, especially on Fridays. Not to mention, you probably wouldn’t end up doing Happy Hour at a place that doesn’t allow kicks, anyway. And it makes the walk home so much more comfortable. 

2) You know there’s no such thing as a 9-5 workday.
And even if there was, your brain never seems to turn off. You’re constantly thinking of new creative ideas to bring to the table, whether on the subway, in the shower, in bed….

3) At least half of your industry peers have become entrepreneurs.
They’re full of great ideas, after all. Not to mention, many would rather forego the micro-management, rules, and corporate hierarchy (how suffocating) of working in a company, no matter how creative that company is.

4) You’d opt for live comedy, an open mic, or an art event over a stuffy restaurant any day.
It offers way more entertainment value than people watching or snapping pics of the best fois gras your city has to offer. Not to mention, your friend is one of the comedians, another is a musician who kills the open mic, and the artist is a friend-of-a-friend. Obviously.

5) You’re perfectly productive working from home.
That’s because you’ve had to take your work laptop home with you more times than you can count in the evenings and your workplace is lenient from working from home the odd day anyway. As in, when you’re getting a new stove delivered, your dog’s sick, or your mom’s in town.

6) You know what it’s like to struggle.
People in most creative professions know that you need to pound the pavement a lot (and probably fall down and scrape your face on it) before you can even begin to think about making any money in your field. “It’s all about building experience” was the most over-used saying in your vocabulary for a (long) while.

7) It’s totally acceptable to party with your co-workers.
In fact, it’s encouraged. As your boss is quick to remind you, what better way to bond with teammates and get those creative juices flowing than over cocktails and a few rounds of shots? Now, that’s team building.

8) You’ve failed and tried again.
Your parents warned you that it wouldn’t be as smooth as it would be for your accountant brother. And they were right. But creative people are notorious for failing and trying again. Whether it means a series of bombed auditions, an unfavourable review or a failed entrepreneurial endeavor, you’ve seen failure as a learning experience—and one that only fuels your fire.

9) Your city’s Financial District makes you nervous.
So much so that you avoid it at all costs. That entire uptight, suit wearing, Jaguar-driving set is just too serious for you. And they don’t get you anyway.

10) You bring new ideas to the workplace on the regular.
And it’s not just because you want that promotion or praise from your coworkers. It’s because the worst thing in the world would be for your workplace to become routine—how would you stay stimulated if it did?

11) You’re not a ‘numbers person’ at all.
And your grade three math teacher was probably the first person to tell you that. In fact, numbers, figures, and spreadsheets make you almost as nervous as the financial folk do. It could have something to do with that flashback to your final grade 12 math exam…but who are we to judge?

12) You have a love/hate relationship with your job.
You constantly question whether you should have taken the safe, secure route (complete with ample benefits) while you weigh the pros and cons for a few minutes (as per your attention span), and then realize—probably when your boss hands you a mid-afternoon beer— that you’re being totally ridiculous…



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