12 Signs You’re Actually Falling in Love

It may terrify you.

It may give you anxiety.

And it may also be the best thing to happen to you.


Here are 12 signs you’re actually falling in love…

1. You’ve Suddenly Developed a Soft Spot for 80s Love Songs
All of a sudden, you have a newfound appreciation for a little 80s soft rock love songs – the cheesier the better. In fact, you’ve been rotating between Elton John’s “Sacrifice” and classic Lionel Ritchie ballads all day.

2. You’ve Stopped Wondering What Your Ex is Doing
In fact, you’ve pretty much forgotten about him/her all together. And you can finally walk by that brunch spot the two of you practically lived at without feeling a slight stab to the heart.

3. Your Attention Span Has Taken a Major Beating
He/she is literally all you can think about 24/7.

4. You Worry About “Jinxing” It
It’s going so well, that you’re constantly worried that there has to be a catch or that something would jinx it. That’s why you haven’t told your mom yet.

5. You Can’t Stop Talking About Them
Just because you haven’t told your mom doesn’t mean you haven’t told anyone else who would listen. You know, your dentist, coworkers, bartender, dog…

6. You Suddenly Have a Handful of New Interests  
Whether it’s hockey, country music, or Old Fashioned cocktails, you’ve developed a keen interest in things he or she has introduced you to.

7. Your Friends are Starting to Wonder if you’ve Moved Away
And you may as well have; you’ve been cooped up with him/her in all of your spare time.

8. You’ve Almost Said the “L-Word” by Accident
It just feels so natural, at this point. In fact, you’ve probably already said it a few times ‘jokingly’ to see how it sounded/went over.

9. You Know Exactly How Long You’ve Been Together
And that’s three months, four days, seven hours, and fourteen minutes.  

10. You’re Developing Deeper Laugh Lines
Whether it’s that stupid grin that crosses your face when the two of you are texting, or when you’re thinking about that mind-blowing sex you had the night before, you’re suddenly smiling so much people are asking you what the hell is going on.

11. You Find their Quirks Cute
All of his or her shortcomings are super cute and endearing rather than annoying, obnoxious, or irritating (like your ex’s were towards the end). They lick their fingers when eating a bag of chips? THIS IS NOW CUTE.

12. You’ve Stopped Checking Out Others at the Bar
Actually, you’d rather hang with him or her than hit the bar in the first place. 


Cover image from: tumblr

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