12 Must Visit Cities to Hit While You’re Still Single

Whether you want to go ‘find yourself’, hook-up with a stranger, ditch the itinerary, or just get away from it all, sometimes going single is the best way to see the world.

Whether you’re solo or with a group of fellow (available) girls and guys, here are the top 12 places you need to hit before you lock it down for good.

And no, we didn’t include Vegas.

1. Miami, USA
What’s that expression about bringing sand to the beach? Miami is a playground for singles, offering miles of beaches filled with beautiful people, all-day parties (like Fontainebleau on a Saturday or Shore Club on Sundays), nights out that last – as Will Smith says – ‘till the break of dawn, and no shortage of outdoor wining and dining while you stare at the eye candy that passes by.

2. Stockholm, Sweden
If you’ve got a thing for attractive blondes, culture, history, and a laid back vibe, you want to hit Sweden’s capital city. Sure, you can lose yourself in the art galleries and museums, but you’re also just as likely to get lost in the eyes of a model-esque Scandinavian with a killer sense of style. Oh – and they love their vodka shots, too.  

3. Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona offers the best of all worlds – the beach, the bars, the history, and the culture. If you’ve been, we don’t have to tell you that it’s a popular travel destination of choice for young singles from all over the world – or that the city is full of places to mix and mingle with them. This means everything from authentic, local hole-in-the-walls to ocean side patios and 5-star bars and lounges like the city’s stunning W Hotel.  

4. Ibiza, Spain
If you want to take it up a notch – and have a thing for dancing until the sun comes up – then hit Ibiza for a party-filled trip that needs to be experienced at least once. Once you’re in a serious relationship, the post-vacation recovery time and clubs filled with singles who are having the time of their lives won’t seem as enticing – even with the amazing food and weather. And if you’re already in Barcelona anyway…

5. New Orleans, USA
New Orleans is back with a vengeance – and not just during Mardi Gras. It remains a popular destination for young singles, thanks to a culture than facilitates relaxed partying with a never-ending amount of bars, restaurants, and live music. And did we mention you can drink on the streets? Oh, and this little factoid doesn’t hurt: last year, New Orleans was named the top city in the US for the number of single people per capita.

6. Portland, USA
If you’re a young, artsy type, or a regular young professional with hipster tendencies, hit Portland while you’re still young and unattached. Its laid-back vibe means you’ll meet fellow singles without even trying. As an added bonus, the city was recently voted the best city in the US for happy hour.

7. Tibet, China
If you’re in need of a little soul searching or heart fixing after a breakup, there’s no better place to find some inner peace and tranquility than Tibet. Discover happiness in the simple things, like meditation, visiting temples, chatting with locals, and hiking through the Tibetan mountains.

8. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
If you’ve got a thing for surfing, yoga, cheap food, and fellow free spirits, hit this Nicaraguan surf town while you’re still single. Not only does the vibrant and refreshingly authentic beach town attract young, unattached citizen of the world, the surrounding area is filled with surf and yoga camps – like Maderas Village – where bonding with fellow single travellers is inevitable, thanks to a summer camp feel complete with communal meals.

9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
In Rio de Janeiro, you’ll find world-class hotels, 80 kilometres of beaches, beautiful people, 24/7 parties, and young vibrant people on every packed corner. Like Barcelona, it offers the best of all world’s for the single traveller. If you’re part of the LGBT community (or are perhaps just curious to explore it), the city remains an important LGBT travel destination, especially Ipanema, a famous neighborhood in the South Zone of the city.

10. Bangkok, Thailand
Stunning beaches, wild parties, and dirt-cheap prices – what more could you want? Bangkok, of course, is known to attract countless young backpacking tourists; so much so that it’s become almost over-saturated with them. Bangkok is also the educational hub of Thailand, attracting many young people who stay once school’s done. Though its somewhat seedy undertone causes it to lose points in the romance department, if you’re single and looking to mingle we suggest you check it off your list soon.

11. Berlin, Germany
Berlin is a must-hit on the Euro-trip travel list of countless young singles, especially in the warmer months. And you can feel better about partying all night – thanks to the city’s legendary club scene – by exploring the city’s rich history by day.

12. Aguas Calientes, Peru
If you’re recovering from a breakup or just in need of some solo soul-searching, what better place to do it than one of the most beautiful places on earth? Spending a few nights in and around Machu Picchu with all the other – hopefully young and available – world travellers will certainly make you forget about any heartache you left at home. 


Cover image from: istock.com

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