12 Elegant All White Ensemble Ideas for Diner En Blanc

The date has finally been announced for Toronto’s third official Dîner en Blanc pop-up culinary event. 

And it’s one of the hardest tickets in the city to get your hands on. Luckily, we’ll be giving out a free pair next week – so check back in with us if you want to access to one of the year’s best parties. 

On Wednesday, September 17, Jordan Fogle and Jessica Tan, hosts of the inaugural DEB Toronto event in 2012, will return, joined by entrepreneur Rob Drynan, to once again bring this spectacular outdoor event to fruition. Over 1,000 foodies and cultural enthusiasts have attended the event in the past and 1,400 are expected this year, who are asked to bring their own epicurean feasts, tables, chairs, fine china, silverware, and white tablecloth.

But what is one to wear?

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1. With Toronto’s unpredictable weather, you don’t know whether the evening will be sweltering or chilly. Opting for a classic and sophisticated white jacket atop your ensemble keeps you feeling warm and looking polished.

2. If a suit just isn’t your thing, you can still look sophisticated in a pair of white denim and a dress shirt as long as your whites are crisp, clean and tailored.

3. Who says suit jackets are just for the men? Though simple, a tailored jacket dress is an alluring look that makes a visual impact. 

4. Rejuvenate an ordinary white suit by layering with a lightweight, contemporary tee.

5. Opt for a lady-like semblance with one of the season’s hottest trends, the full midi skirt.

6. You can’t go wrong with a classic, well-tailored, crisp white suit. Keep up to date with your look by going tie-less.

 7. Women can embrace a powerful presentation in a full white suit. 

8. Stand out with fashionable features. Accessories and unique aspects on your ensemble will help you stand out in the crowd.

9. A matching skirt suit can be a flirtatious look when worn with a feminine silhouette such as this elegant tulip cut skirt.

10. For a timeless, yet diverse look, opting for a double breasted blazer keeps your ensemble effortlessly stylish.

11. Make a statement in a white dress with unique details such as fabrics or textures, embellishments and silhouette.

12. Pairing white suit shorts with a clean dress shirt and/or blazer creates a smart, informal look on a late summer’s evening.


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