11 Workplace Trends You Can Expect to See in 2015

The grind just isn’t what it used to be.

In case you haven’t noticed, a lot has changed in the workplace since you were a wide-eyed intern.  

And it’s only going to continue to change.

Judging from what we’ve seen take place over the past year, here are 11 workplace trends we expect you’ll see a lot more of in 2015:

1. Cubicles Will Continue to Slowly Disappear
Rows of cubicles a la Office Space will finally become a thing of the past as we move toward workplaces that facilitate a more collaborative and less rigid environment. And if you didn’t get the memo, desks are probably next to go.

2. We’ll Kiss the 9-5 Workday Goodbye
Especially when it comes to start-ups or creative-based fields, employers are more open than ever to strategies that allow employees to work from home – but they’ll also expect an email back from you at 8:00pm. The demise of the traditional 9-5 – obviously facilitated by modern technology – will blur the lines between your work and home life as they increasingly become more integrated. Better start finding your balance now.

3. An Increased Focus on Social Responsibility
Especially in our culture of transparency, an increasing number of companies are being judged not only on their economic performance, but also on how they give back on both a local and global scale. The defining characteristic of TOMS, for example, is their one-for-one model, and surely a key element to its success. Not to mention, doing good is always a key talking point in promotional material.

4. Public Relations Will Be More Important Than Ever
As we’ve seen in in the wake of the Jian Ghomeshi scandal, the need for a strong and accountable internal PR team is greater than ever (you listening, CBC?). This is especially true when a demand for accountability to the public is at an all-time high thanks to social media. Bottom line: PR people aren’t there just for show.

5. Corporate Culture Will Return Front and Centre
Employers across the board are rediscovering the importance of a rich “work hard, play hard” corporate culture when it comes to attracting and maintaining workers (and to have their employees share their love for the company on social media). As for start-ups, if employers can’t offer traditional benefits, they can provide perks like yoga rooms and frequent catered breakfasts (like Klick Health does in Toronto), a generous reward system, and team-building nights out that definitely fall in the “play hard” category. More than ever, a company’s corporate culture is just as important as job security when it comes to attracting new talent.

6. Art Will Liven the Mood
Overly stale and serious workplaces are a thing of the past. That’s why an increasing amount of offices will be given new life with installations and creative, contemporary wall art. Refreshingly, even the corporate world is finally learning to relax a little with a whole new look and a growing appreciation of the positive influence of art on productivity.

7. An Increase in Social Media Use to Attract Talent
Especially when we’ll soon see a flood of Generation Z’ers into the workplace, we can expect an increase in the reliance on social media to attract and connect with new talent. The newest generation of job-seekers live and breathe social media, and likely have more faith and trust in social media activity to get a true feel of the company than a website or press release.

8. An Increased Emphasis on Mobile Hiring
The newest generation of workers was practically raised by their personal mobile devices. They use it for pretty much everything – and job-hunting is no exception. This, of course, means that we can expect to see more companies invest in the creation of mobile-friendly career sites and apps – if they haven’t already.

9. An Adoption of Learning Management Systems
The HR team’s job may get a little easier with the availability of mobile learning technologies accessible 24/7. The mobile applications are available for employees to learn on demand, to collaborate with co-workers in real-time, and to manage goals. The analysis of real-time, personalized data can help in making effective management decisions.

10. Personal Tech Breaks Could Become a Thing
Now that we can do everything at our fingertips on our mobile devices, it’s easier than ever for them to distract from the mounting deadlines. That’s why smoke breaks (remember those?) should be replaced with personal tech breaks in an effort to boost productivity. But hey, maybe that’s just us.

11. People Will Create Their Own Jobs
With the corporate world no longer offering the stability and security it once did,  and ample resources now available to support the entrepreneur, more people than ever will take matters into their own hands and create their own dream jobs. So what are you waiting for? 


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