11 Winter Items Men Wear That Make Women Cringe

In these cold, Canadian winters, it’s easy to lose all desire to dress well.

Warm and cozy are often the only requirements when heading out the door – even when those items end up being far from the most flattering pieces.

And while men are certainly not the only guilty ones, women seem to complain that the men in their lives become particularly sloppy in the chillier months. So we asked 11 Toronto women to give us their opinions on the most cringe-worthy winter wears that men continue to believe in.

1. Mittens
“While it may be acceptable for a male child to wear mittens, it certainly isn’t an acceptable practice for an adult man to be wearing them. You are a grown up and need your fingers to do grown-up, manly things. Stick to a nice pair of leather gloves.”

– Stacy, Account Manager 28 

2. Ear Warmers
“Those half ear muffs that men wear at the back of their heads. They just look goofy.”

– Sandra, Painter, 32 

3. Inappropriately Worn Snowboarding Jackets
“I hate when men wear snowboarding jackets when they’re not snowboarding. It’s pretty much the same feeling I have when people wear golf shirts when they’re not golfing.”

– Beatrice, Event Planner, 29 

4. Galoshes
“Those rubber covers men put on their dress shoes when they go outside. What do they call them… galoshes? They are just seriously disturbing.”

– Jackie, Dentist, 35 

5. Balaclavas
“I hate when men wear those face masks. They’re actually just creepy. Unless you are out running, just wear a scarf.”

– Jessica, Make-up Artist, 28 

6. Ski Gloves
“Those big gloves you wear in elementary school with the padding and the grips on the fingers? Those should just stay in elementary school. You’re not building any snowmen these days, it’s time to grow up.”

– Rachel, Retail Buyer, 24 

7. Inappropriately Worn Parka
“I despise when a man wears a Canada Goose jacket with their suit. Get a proper wool coat if your job requires you to wear a suit.”

– Shauna, Human Resource Manager, 36 

8. Unsuitably Worn Hoodie
“I have seen guys with a zip-up hoodie on top of their dress shirt. If you need to stay warm at work, layer a cashmere cardigan or dressy knit, not the sweater you throw on with your jeans or sweats.”

– Katrina, Architect, 32 

9. Pom-Pom Hat
“Hats with pom-pomss are my worst nightmare on a man. So are those hats with the stupid strings coming from the ears.

– Sylvia, Operations Manager, 30 

10. Bad Fur Parka
“A bad parka is just a bad scene. Either wear a real fur trim, or a good faux fur trim (which is hard to find), or just have no fur at all, but when the faux fur gets all matted and starts looking like a chewed up stuffed animal that you’ve had since you were a kid, it seriously makes me cringe.”

– Jen, Digital Strategist, 25

11. Ill-Fitting Knit Sweater
“An ill-fitting knit sweater that is either too wide or too short is just the worst. You should know what fits and what doesn’t by now, gentlemen.”

– Carrie, Physical Therapist, 28


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