11 Ways to Help You Make it Through a Booze Free January

Every January, countless young professionals opt to take a “booze-free” month long challenge.

And when you wake up tomorrow we suspect a lot of you will feel like it’s not going to be much of a challenge at all – at least for the first few days.

After all, a little drying out never hurt anyone.

So if you’re about to jump on the thirty day no booze (band)wagon, here are 11 tips to help you make it all the way through…

1. January is the Best Time to Be Sober
Is there really a better time to go booze-free than in January? After the party-filled holiday circus, not only are we all boozed-out, we’re in full-on hibernation mode because it’s inhumanely cold outside and nothing’s going on anyway. Easy peasy.

2. It Becomes Almost Second Nature After Two Weeks
If you’re used to drinking multiple times per week (from entertaining clients to attending networking events, it’s become a part of many careers, after all), declining a drink may be a shock to the system. But after the first two weeks, it will become so easy that you may even want to take another month off. Seriously.

3. It’s a Social Challenge
Challenge yourself to see how entertaining, engaging, or charming you can be without the confidence that comes with having a drink in hand. This means on dates, dinner parties, and, yes, even at events. You may surprise yourself and realize that you’re pretty fun and engaging when sober.

4. It Doesn’t Have to be Boring
Don’t go into it viewing your alcohol-free month as a negative thing that you’re about to endure. It doesn’t have to be boring. Take the opportunity to finally do that 30-day yoga or fitness challenge, check out your city’s bustling arts scene, dust of those skates, or redecorate your place – all things better done while sober.

5. There’s No Chance of Beer Goggles
Which also means there’s no chance of painfully awkward, borderline disturbing mornings the next day. And that’s a plus if we’ve ever heard one.

6. You Won’t Drunk Dial or Text
Even if you didn’t follow our advice over the holidays and decided to drunk dial or text that ex or crush, you can still redeem yourself with radio silence for an entire month. There’s zero chance of texting or calling under the influence in your near future.

7. You’re Going to Look Better By the End of It
Giving up alcohol has a positive effect on your complexion, resulting in softer and clearer skin by the end of the month. Since you’re likely not hitting the clubs until the wee hours of the morning, you’re also probably getting more sleep, helping you look younger and more rejuvenated.

8. You’re Saving Money
Especially after holiday gift buying and Boxing Day shopping, one of the best parts of booze-free January is the money you save on bar tabs and restaurant bills. So much so that you won’t feel bad rewarding yourself with something over-priced and ridiculous once the month is over.

9. A Single Glass of Wine Can Have Up to 100 Calories
And there’s also a reason why “beer bellies” are a thing. You won’t be consuming the empty calories that come with alcohol, so it’s easier to stay in shape or lose weight, not to mention your lack of a hangover will make getting to the gym way less of a headache.

10. It’s Something Positive to Tell Your Parents
If you didn’t exactly score the points you were hoping for with your parents this holiday season, your booze-free month will be the perfect conversation starter the next time you call.

11. Your Last Epic Hangover
Remember how horrible your last epic daylong hangover was, you know, the time you swore your body was shutting down? Well, you won’t have to deal with that. Not this month, anyway – shame spirals have officially been put on hold.


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