11 Ways to Enjoy Fall in Toronto

As Torontonians we’re lucky – our city never allows us to be bored.

Yes, we miss summer already, but when you think about all the fun things we have to do over the next two months, there’s no reason to whine for warmer days (for too long, anyway).

Fall in the city has its perks, and here are some of its most notable.

Nuit Blanche
It never really feels like fall has arrived until Nuit Blanche happens. And while you may think it’s way overcrowded and too corporate these days – there are so many pop up art projects happening during the evening that aren’t officially a part of it – we say you can easily enjoy some modern street art without waiting an hour in line. Spending all night with your favourite people exploring the city while our busiest streets are closed to traffic only happens once a year – take advantage of it.

The real reason we all love fall. The best excuse to dress up in that outfit you secretly wish you could wear all year long without being called a tramp or a cosplay weirdo, drink too much pumpkin ale at all the crazy parties, and consume a disgusting amount of candy/pumpkin pie/candy (did we mention candy?). Plus, the Toronto Zombie Walk is always fun, even if you’re just observing.

Get your learning on at TEDxToronto with speakers at Koerner Hall including John Cruickshank, Rachel Parent, Dr. Margot Taylor and performers CHOIR!CHOIR!CHOIR! and Maylee Todd.

Toronto Fashion Week 
As Vogue is even starting to notice Toronto as a fashion city, we can only assume this fall’s Fashion Week will be the best one yet. Pressure’s certainly on them to bring it.

Apple Picking at Chudleigh’s 
Just 45 minutes away from Downtown is an Apple Farm that is basically a rite of passage for any born and raised Torontonian. If you didn’t have the privilege of growing up here, let fall be your excuse to spend an afternoon apple picking with your sweetie. Bring your hard work home and attempt making an apple pie together – perfect day date.

Farmer’s Markets
Yes, we all love Farmer’s Markets in the summer – but the true bounty of Ontario really comes to fruition in the fall. Toronto is jam packed with amazing Farmer’s Markets, and now is the time to fully enjoy them.

Vintage Crawl Toronto 
While the fall date hasn’t been released yet, this is the other fashion event all the street style obsessed kids are waiting for.

Toronto Chocolate Festival 
It goes without say that this is basically the best festival in existence. If you get the chance – attend the Chocolate Gala – you will be blown away by how chocolate can be used in savory main course dishes. You’ll also find hot chocolate at its finest during this festival.

Biking On the Islands
By now, the Toronto Islands are no longer packed – but the weather is perfect for an afternoon bike ride and picnic. Take advantage of having the Island to yourself before it gets too cold to make the ferry trip over.  

This fall tradition began in Germany but quickly became a regular event throughout the world, Toronto throws its own Munich inspired party every year.

The Everything To Do With Sex Show
Fall also means this sexy trade show rolls into town. Looking for a little inspiration in the bedroom? This is the place you wanna be. Stock up on everything you need to get you and your partner through the cold, cold winter.


Images: studio-beat.com, 1loveto.com, mobilesyrup.com, sidewalkhustle.com, vintagecrawltoronto.com

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