11 Ways Being the Life of the Party Can Help Your Career

Being the life of the party can lead to a successful career. 

And no, we’re not talking about the “life of the party” being that person who drinks too much, gets laughed at, and starts their morning with a hangover.

There’s nothing about that situation that’s going to score you any points in the career department.

But being that person at an event who commands attention, is genuinely having fun, and knows how to both work the room and loosen the vibe will definitely succeed.

Here are 11 ways being the life of the party can translate to career success.

1. You’re Good at Brainstorming Sessions
Your team knows they can count on you when it comes to brainstorm sessions. With all the conversations with people you’ve had about industries you know nothing about at parties over the years, you’ve pretty much seen and heard it all. Not to mention, you’re not shy to contribute your thoughts in a room full of peers and clients.

2. You Know How to Win Clients Over
Speaking of clients, when it comes to entertaining them, your coworkers know that there’s no better person for the job than you. You know all the best restaurants, are cultured in wine and spirits, and know how to manage a dinner table conversation like a pro. Plus, you won’t fall asleep at the table or bail early like your boss would. No chance.

3. You Know How to Properly Celebrate
To play as hard as you do, you also need to work hard. And working hard comes with its reasons to celebrate. Because nobody knows that better than you, your coworkers turn to you when it comes to planning a celebratory team dinner, office lunch (complete with Champagne), or company retreat.
4. You Know Everyone in the City
Being the life of the party means you meet a lot of people over the years. Translation: You have a massive pool of people to draw from when it comes to professional networking. After all, people like to work with people they know and like – it’s all about those connections.

5. You Don’t Need a Lot of Sleep
Being the life of the party requires a lot of energy. Not only are you “on” at all times, but bailing early just wouldn’t cross your mind. For this reason, you’re used to functioning on very little sleep – a skill that can definitely benefit your career when it comes to last-minute deadlines, a side entrepreneurial project, or even balancing a job with babies.
6. You’re a Natural Multi-Tasker
Being the life of the party means you’re used to doing many things at once. You could be replying to a text, sipping a glass of wine, moving to the music, having a face-to-face conversation, and signalling to the caterer to bring the sliders over to your hungry friends all at the same time. And knowing how to effectively multitask never hurt anyone’s career.

7. You Have the Best Presentation Skills in the Company
While some of your colleagues may view presentations as worse than a nightmare that makes you fall out of bed, you could practically present anything in your sleep. You’ve become an expert verbal communicator, improviser, and amateur comedian.  Plus, you even thrive off the little adrenaline rush that comes with being in front of a crowd.
8. You’re Sure to be Remembered
People never seem to forget that one guy or girl who’s the life of a party or event. Not only are you often fondly discussed over brunch the next day, people remember your name and face the next time your paths cross – and that could very well be in a professional context.

9. You’re Able to Think on Your Feet
While some of your coworkers may panic when a last-minute problem or deadline arises, you’re more used to thinking on your feet. You do it at parties all the time when you can’t place a face, forget a name, or have five minutes to impress that key contact you’ve found yourself in front of.
10. You’re Great at Connecting People
In most professions, someone who is able to make valuable connections is a major asset to a company. You’re used to connecting all kinds of people in social settings – and have been for as long as you can remember. This means everything from playing matchmaker to helping people make business connections.

11. You Get Invites to Some of the Best Events
Let’s face it, a lot of times, success comes from one’s ability to be a seasoned networker. Not only do you have the skills down pat, but you have the opportunities for plenty of networking as well thanks to all the parties and events you’re invited to.

While we’re at it, we’re going to go out on a limb and say that being the life of the party probably isn’t the worse thing for your dating life either.

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