11 Things You Can Do on Sunday to Set Your Week Up for Success

Sunday is the best day.

But it can also be the worst. Depending on how you choose to spend it.

Anxiety creeps in, hours slip away, and suddenly you’re struggling to fall asleep because the laundry list of things you need to accomplish over the next five days is overwhelming.

Well, stop.

‘Cause we’ve got 11 ways you can spend the rest of you Sunday making your next week as successful as possible.

1. Prep Your Food for the Week
One of the best ways to make sure you’re productive all week long is to eat right. Prepping meals means you’ll make smart decisions without having to spend time cooking to do so.

2. Prioritize Your Calendar
Pick the top three things you need to accomplish each day through the week. Focus on getting those done and everything you achieve after will seem like gravy.

3. Don’t Drink…After Brunch
We would never tell you to avoid the hair of the dog. But drinking after brunch is never a productive way to head into your workweek. It’ll only make falling asleep more difficult, and won’t allow you to be as productive.

4. Leave the Last Week Behind
Remember how stressed out you were last Thursday afternoon? Well, you shouldn’t. That week is over and you’re starting a new one. Go in with as much of a blank slate as you can.

5. Take a Nap
It might seem counter intuitive – ‘cause you’re also going to want to go to bed early – but catching a few afternoon zzzs will help you catch up on a lot of sleep you’ve been depriving yourself of all week long. Banking 40 winks could be just what you need to bring you back up to speed.

6. Relax
It sounds easy, but when was the last time you actually shut down for a while? Whether that’s lying on your couch for a House of Cards mini-marathon or going for a stroll in the park, letting your mind completely zone out and recharge before a full week of work is vital to success.

7. Clean Up
A clear house is a clear mind. Clutter will only weigh on you throughout the week when you come home to a dirty house. Spend 20 minutes tidying on Sunday and it could save you some unnecessary stress over the next five days.

8. Connect with Loved Ones
It’s hard to connect with the people you love during the week. You’re busy, you’re stressed, you’ve got things to do. Make an effort to call or get together with your parents, siblings, or anyone else you love having in your life, when you have the time to actually enjoy the conversation.

9. Get Your Heart Rate Up
Go for a walk, hit the gym, or have sex. Whatever it is that gets your ticker moving faster than normal, it’ll thank you later by helping you fall asleep and by giving you an overall sense of being productive without having to go as hard as your weekday routine might.

10. Find Three Things You’re Looking Forward to This Week
Having clear events spread throughout the workweek that excite you and make you happy will only make the week go by faster and seem more enjoyable. If you can’t find at least three things, make sure to schedule some – coffee with a friend, a night at the movies, a yoga class – so you’ll have things to look forward to.

11. Go to Bed Early
And when you’re there, try reading an actual book instead of staring at your screen. Not only does that screen keep your brain awake, every once in a while it’s good to connect with something that isn’t connected to the Internet.


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