11 Signs You’re Well Read

Sure, you like to pick up a book here and there, especially when you can’t sleep or are on vacation. 

But how well-read are you really? 

Here are 11 signs you’re well-read: 

1. You often slip one-liners into a conversation without anyone noticing.
Friend: “I just really want my wedding to be perfect.”
You: “You know, if you look for perfection, you’ll never be content” (Anna Karenina, Tolstoy).
Friend: “You know what, you’re so right. Going to have to keep that in mind.”

2. When you pass by someone reading Nicholas Sparks, it takes all of your willpower not to approach them and rip the book out of their hand.
If you’ve read one Nicholas Sparks book, you’ve pretty much read them all.

3. You’re someone’s worst nightmare to join a book club.
“Read it. Hmmm, yeah, read that. Oh that one too! And that one…” Get out. 

4. Friends often ask you for book suggestions…
And the list is typically as large as a book itself.

5. Your required university reading was an opportunity to read your favourite books for the second time.
And you loved every minute of it.

6. You can’t help but notice that your vocabulary is 10x larger than all of your friends’.
They notice it too… and you’re kind of hated for it.

7. Any spare time is the perfect time to read a book…
Two stops on the subway, a five-minute wait for the doctor, coffee break, while you wait for your dinner date to show…

8. You realize you sometimes come off as pretentious… and you seldom care.
“Ernest Hemmingway? Yeah, I have all his books. Even doubles of some, but those ones are strictly the original prints.”

9. The amount of livable space in your apartment would probably double if you didn’t insist on hoarding every book you’ve ever read.
…but each book is just so special, and each one changed your life in some type of way…

10. You sometimes confuse events you read in your novel for happening in reality.
No, there is no One Ring that can assist in conquering and ruling all of middle earth.

11. You firmly believe that a love for reading is something you’re born with…
And you try your best not to scoff at those whose New Year’s resolution is to “read more.” Yours, after all, is to read 100 books. 


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