11 Reasons You Should Live Like a Californian

We know that “California living” is completely different in real life than it is on TV, but our counterparts down south are definitely doing a few things right.

Leaving aside the state’s relative economic turmoil and current drought, the California way of life is something we could get used to.

Here’s what the California kids are getting right…

1. They Have that Good Vibe
People who call California home are often laid back and easy going. Many of us remain perpetually tightly-wound and stressed out, thanks to the pace of cities like Toronto and Montreal, which are quickly catching up to NYC in the chaotic department. Though they still work just as hard, California kids know how – and when – to chill the eff out.

2. They’re Active
In California, a hike is as normal as a trip to the grocery store, kids are practically born with a surfboard in hand, and beach volleyball is the best way to cure a mild hangover. All the time spent sitting in traffic is made up for with clocking countless hours of outdoor activity (and always somehow looking hot doing it).

3. They Have That “California Cool” Style
When it comes to fashion, California kids pull off “West Coast cool” without looking over-the-top hipster or sloppy. It’s an effortless, not-too-put-together look that speaks to their signature laidback personality. But that doesn’t mean it’s a uniform; Californians express their personalities through their style and dress for themselves.

4. They Eat Better
California has some of the best food for all price points. It’s known for its cuisine of freshly prepared local ingredients (both in restaurants and at home, thanks to ample farmers’ markets), and some of the world’s best Tex-Mex. Plus, they were doing food trucks before they were even a ‘thing.’ And let’s not forget about celeb cheat day go-to, In-and-Out Burger (sure, Toronto got a pop-up version last fall, but it wasn’t the same as being able to go anytime you want).

5. They’re Green
Likely thanks to the constant reminders of the earth’s amazingness – like the ocean, mountains, and many national parks – people from California tend to live green lifestyles. They ride their bikes, many grow their own food, and we’re pretty sure they have the highest number of Toyota Prius cars per capita in North America. The state’s a known leader in green living and eco-friendly homes, and California’s clean technology companies create more jobs and invest more money than competitors in any other state. And let’s not forget the vintage, eco-chic boutiques of San Francisco.

6. They’re Master Networkers

One of the best parts about California – especially in the Los Angeles/Hollywood area – is that most people aren’t from there. They’ve arrived to pursue some sort of dream – whether that means becoming a movie star or opening a yoga studio. Naturally, this means that most people are open and eager to connect with anyone, making friends and becoming skilled networkers in the process.

7. They Embrace a Culture of Collaboration
As Twitter Canada’s Kirstine Stewart pointed out last year, when it comes to business, California embraces a forward-thinking culture of collaboration. She highlighted that the growth and success of the California wine industry was due to a collaboration to create an entire industry in California, a region once seen as an underdog in the world of wine. She also pointed out the effective collaboration between Facebook and Google to sell ads. Over in Hollywood, “collaborate” is a part of daily vocabulary in the entertainment world.

8. They’re on Top of their Tech
As the home base of Apple, Google, Facebook, and Yahoo, California and “tech” are pretty much synonymous. The state has one of the highest concentrations of high-tech workers in the country, some of the best tech-focused educational institutions, and is home to some of the world’s fastest growing tech companies. But the tech scene isn’t just booming in Silicon Valley; California kids were some of the first to embrace social media, going all the way back to the (gasp) MySpace era.

9. They Enjoy a Fun Corporate Culture
The corporate culture in California allows YPs to lose that restricting tie or blouse and play as hard as you work. With a culture that facilitates entrepreneurship and networking, it’s all about those long patio lunch meetings. While the entertainment industry comes with its own set own set of perks, the techies enjoy some pretty sweet ones too. The Facebook head office offers free bikes throughout, a fully loaded candy bar, and a retro video game arcade, among others. Google head office employees live it up with everything from free massages and transportation to an in-house slide.

10. They Reap the Benefits of the Ocean
Human beings need a healthy dose of the ocean in their lives. Perhaps the reason that Californians are so laid back has something to do with the ocean and all of its calming, healing, and mind-opening qualities.

11. Their State’s Celebrated in Song
While we have few songs that celebrate our provinces, there are many songs written about The Golden State. And you know them well; Tupac’s “To Live and Die in LA,” LL Cool J’s “Going Back to Cali,” The Mamas and the Papas’ “California Dreamin’” and Katy Perry’s “California Girls,” just to name a few.


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