11 Reasons to Visit Miami This Winter

It’s Monday, it’s awful outside, and just when you think there’s no hope…


That’s right, resting only a few hours way is the weekend paradise that’s going to help you survive the winter.

So whether you’re looking to soak up the sun, shop till you drop, take in some history and local culture or party like a rock star, you can do it all in South Beach.

Welcome to Miami (sorry, we had to).

1. The Short Flight
As opposed to the Caribbean, Miami is still a relatively short flight for most sun-seeking Canadian young professionals. And that proximity is what makes it the perfect mini-vacation weekend getaway.

2. The New Year’s Eve Parties
Though they may come with a price tag of upwards of $500 just for entry, one thing Miami gets right is celeb-filled New Year’s Eve parties at hotels like The Dalano and The Shore Club. And, unlike any NYE bash in your city, the whole finding a cab factor will be removed from the equation when you’re close enough to stumble back to your hotel on foot. Not to mention there isn’t a blizzard to contend with.

3. The Art
You won’t feel as bad for partying, as Big Willy says, “’tll the break of dawn” if you can also get a dose of culture at the same time. In just a few weeks, Art Basel will draw thousands of art enthusiasts from around the world while the new visit-worthy Perez Art Museum of Miami opened last year.

4. Soho Beach House
The best part of having an international Soho House membership is the access to the limitless networking and partying opportunities offered in other clubs around the world, including Soho Beach House in Miami, complete with its celeb-filled rooftop pool, beach club, and ample bars.

5. The People Watching
From the inevitable fake boobs, shirtless meatheads, and Speedo-clad bodies, to the celebrities, socialites, and ridiculous cars, Miami offers hours of free entertainment in the form of people watching. This is especially true if you score a prime piece of patio real estate on Ocean Drive or Lincoln Road.

6. The Architecture
A walk through Miami Beach makes for now shortage of artsy Instagram pictures thanks to the signature architecture offered by its largest collection of art deco buildings in the world. Not only will the buildings offer insight in design, they’ll also offer a glimpse into Miami’s vibrant history.

7. The Sports
The locals don’t look so great for no reason. From the ample watersports and beautiful golf courses (like the Fairmont Turnberry) to an ocean-side jog or Rollerblade on the boardwalk, Miami offers way better excuses to be active outdoors this winter than shoveling the snow. Oh, and some team named the Miami Heat are apparently still, um, on fire.

8. The Excuse to Get in Shape
Of course, with all the fit bodies, models, and pretty people in general, an upcoming trip to Miami provides the right kind of incentive to get into shape before the trip.

9. The Bachelor or Bachelorette Party
If you’re getting married next summer, Miami’s been known to be the choice venue of countless bachelor and bachelorette parties. In addition to all the party opportunities (including day party opportunities complete with cabanas), the all-encompassing city offers a little something for each of your unique friends.

10. The Culture
If you’re looking for a little cultural diversity, you’ll definitely find it in Miami. Nearly half of the population is foreign-born and over 100 languages are spoken. What matters most here, however, is the Cuban food.

11. The Beach
In the dead of winter, perhaps the most enticing thing about Miami is the option it offers to swap white snow for white sand. The beaches of Miami – think: clear, turquoise water – are some of the nicest you’ll find within a 3-hour flight (sorry, Vancouver). This means 135 kilometres of coastline and more than 24 kilometres of world-famous beaches.

And on a cold, dark Monday, we’re guessing 24 kms of beachfront doesn’t sound too shabby right about now… 


Cover photo from: istock.com/ventdusud

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