11 People You’ll Definitely See At Your Office Holiday Party

With December just around the corner, you’re likely gearing up for your office holiday party, among other festive gatherings.

Office holiday celebrations can range from get-togethers at the local Chinese buffet to all-out extravaganzas with gourmet food, an open bar, a DJ, and lots of surprises.

But no matter what type of party you have, you can always bank on these 11 characters showing up.


The Holiday Lover
Most likely to show up in an a) an Ugly Christmas Sweater, b) reindeer antlers, c) a Santa hat, or, d) all of the above. They are about all things Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or whatever holiday they celebrate this time of year. You can count on the Holiday Lover to quote everything from White Christmas to Home Alone and run around the party spreading yuletide cheer.

The Party Animal
Open bar? Don’t have to ask them twice. If there are free drinks, the Party Animal magically appears like Santa on Christmas Eve. You know you’ll have a good time when they show up because they are the life of the party. You’ll likely find the Party Animal by the bar – duh – or ripping up the dance floor.

The Wallflower
Whether they’re shy, bored, or just plain don’t like people, the Wallflower will be laying low at the party. If they are the timid-type, they will certainly appreciate your invitation to the dance floor or you striking up a conversation. If they are more of the Grinch-type, you might send them running back to Mount Crumpit for trying to involve them in the festive fun.

The Overindulger
Three plates of food and double-fisted drinks? What else can you expect from the overindulger? They might not get too drunk due to the large amount of food they will eat, but you’ll probably have to roll them home. On the bright side, you can skip the lines and ask the Overindulger to pick you up a brownie on one of their trips to the buffet.

The Dine & Dasher
Let’s be honest, the Dine & Dasher only comes for the free food. They show up long enough to make an appearance and eat their dinner. Then they’re gone faster than you can say the names of Santa’s reindeer.

The Scrooge McDuck
For the sake of your holiday bonus, let’s hope this one is not your boss. The Scrooge McDuck is the person who refuses to participate in the office Secret Santa, never opens your Christmas card, and hates everything to do with the holidays. You can spot them at the party sporting a Grumpy Cat face and they’re probably only there because someone made them come.

The Lightweight
Two drinks and they’ve reached their limit. Three or more drinks and they won’t remember where they live. Make sure they get home okay. Seriously.

The Brown Noser
One of the more annoying party goers, the Brown Noser has one mission for the evening: to kiss some ass. They will bring the biggest gift for the boss – even if no one else brings one – and will likely be overdressed. You can find the Brown Noser glued to your boss’s hip all night, doting them with compliments and fetching him or her drinks.

The Pot Stirrer
Also known as: the Drama Queen, the Gossiper, or the Bad Influence. When the Pot Stirrer is around, you can expect double the trouble. They will set the scene to stir the pot and then step back and gleefully watch their plan come to action. Be cautious of the Pot Stirrer – they could easily bring you onto Santa’s naughty list alongside them.

The Lingerer
They don’t get the hint when the conversation is done. They overstay their welcome at your table. And they will be at the party till the lights come on and the cleanup begins. The Lingerer just doesn’t know when to call it quits.

The Ho-Ho-Hot Mess
The Lightweight, the Party Animal, and the Overindulger are all in danger of becoming this by the end of the night. The Ho-Ho-Hot Mess is just that – a mess. They will have slurred words, wobbly steps, and a trip or two to the bathroom. If your party is on a weeknight, the Ho-Ho-Hot Mess is going to be feeling a bit rough the next day. Expect to see them at their desk with sunglasses on. Don’t judge. We’ve all been there…right?