11 of the Best Things About Dating Someone New

The summer has finally come to an end, and with it your makeout-filled nights, Tinder binges, or sweet summer fling may have already become things of the past.

Hibernation season looms upon us.

And what better accessory (aside from Netflix) for the occasion than a new significant other (SO)?

Well, if you’re lucky enough to find one, here are 11 of the best things about dating someone new.


1. You Look Better
When you’re dating someone new, your fitness and fashion game is usually taken up a notch as you discretely want to impress them each time you see them. Plus, a new relationship makes you happy, and happy people just look better.

2. Your Workday is Better
Speaking of better, even the most brutal workdays are more bearable when you’re in a new relationship. That’s because you just received one of those texts that makes you look down at your phone and smile like a fool, and knowing you get to see the person for dinner in just a few short hours only makes getting through those hours all the easier.

3. Nights Out on the Town Come with Less Pressure
When you’re in a new relationship, deciding whether or not it’s worth it to hit the town is less of a gamble. When you’re single, you feel a lot worse about wasting money, an outfit, and the next morning if you return home without scoring a phone number.

4. Your Sex Life is on Fire
And if it’s not, something is already wrong.

5. You Forget About Your Ex
When you’re in a new relationship, your ex invades your thoughts less and less. That’s because now all that energy is going toward your new SO – and that’s a very good thing. (Just don’t make it creepy.)

6. You Rediscover What it Means to Feel Again
In our world of endless Tinder options and decreasing rates of actual human contact, it’s easy to forget what it’s like to fall hopelessly and vulnerably in love. When we do, it reassures our sometimes-jaded hearts that we can actually feel again.

7. They Love All Your Weird Shit
Whereas your ex may have rolled his or her eyes at all of your quirky perks and imperfections, your new SO seems to think they’re the cutest thing in the world. And that’s a good thing, because there’s certainly more where that came from.

8. It’s a Bit of an Ego Boost
When you have someone in your life that actually thinks you’re amazing – aforementioned quirks and all – you suddenly feel a lot better about yourself (not that you didn’t feel good enough before, this just helps). There’s something about falling in love that makes you a little more confident in the process.

9. You No Longer Get the ‘Single Sunday Blues’
Suddenly, those occasional depressing Sundays where you might just cry if you see another hand-holding couple in the grocery store have vanished from your life. That’s because you’re now the handholding couple in the grocery store – and your new SO is cooking for you that night.

10. You Meet a Lot of New People
When you date a new person, you automatically meet a whole bunch of new people. Providing you’re a people person, this only opens the door for new friendships and even a few networking opportunities.

11. You’re Suddenly More Optimistic About the Future
There was once a point where you questioned if you’d ever have meaningful sex again, let alone a relationship. Now that you’ve found yourself in one (and it wasn’t that difficult), you can check that goal off your list and tackle the next.