11 New Notable Event Ideas

Covering the notable.ca party beat, we’ve attended some pretty memorable (despite the flowing booze) events in our day.

And currently, the TIFF party circuit has been no exception.

Though charity events, cast parties, and magazine launches can sometimes seem to blend into each other, once in a while we come across a few things that surprise us.

And while perks like live music, makeup stations, and fully loaded gift bags always go over well – you already knew that…

So here are Here are 11 new notable event ideas:

1. A phone charging station 
To make the lives of A-list guests easier this TIFF, Virgin Mobile saved the day with a phone-charging station inside AMC Storys, offering juice and chargers to all types of over-used mobile phones.  

2. Big Macs
An (amazing) highlight of this year’s TIFF eOne party were the passed around Big Macs (still in their wrapper) that greeted guests around midnight. Some even left with a couple to eat on the way home. Yep, we were “lovin it.”

3. Interactive art  
Live art is always an added bonus. Toronto artist JessGo’s art was a huge hit at a Bond Affair Dinner Series earlier in the year. But party guests themselves also like to create after a few cocktails. We can’t forget scribbling on a car during Power Ball 2012 or painting on the walls of the venue last year at Art Battle’s epic Paint the Halls event.

4. A cereal bar
Clearly, the eOne party went above and beyond in the unexpected food department. A nostalgic and well-received perk was a fully stocked cereal bar, which dished up a buffet of favourites from Sunday mornings past.

5. Polaroid pictures 
Guests at year’s TIFF Producers Ball got to piece their night together the next morning thanks to tiny Polaroid pictures taken and distributed by a wandering photographer. Sure, we never say no to a photo booth, but – whether for wedding or charity events – they’re getting a little played out. And it’s probably been too long since you’ve held an actual hard copy picture in your hand.

 6. A value-adding speaker 
Sure, a party is about mixing, mingling, eating, and drinking – but it’s also nice to have a little added value. That’s why all of our notable.ca events – like our recent Notable Ford Fusion Icon Series – offer the value of a guest speaker. This means you’ll have something better than the typical small talk to discuss afterward with that sexy stranger you’ve been eyeing.

 7. A photo broadcast
Earlier this spring, this year’s Toronto ROM PROM featured a massive screen to retweet the ample Twitter and Instagram pictures. We mean, after all that prep work, everyone likes to see their face on the big screen…and the social media activity it inspired is good promo for your event.

8. Food trucks  
We can’t get enough of food trucks these days. Like the Yoghurty’s truck at Toronto PR guru Natasha Koifman’s pre-TIFF bash, they’re always a well-received surprise. And an even better surprise is when a truck dishing up shameless gourmet comfort grub shows up at the end of the night to soak up the booze.

9. An unexpected location
Go beyond the over-used ballroom in terms of location. It wasn’t just the food that was a highlight at the eOne Studio party. It was held at the Moss Park Armoury – a military building that party guests might not have known existed until that night, when it was transformed into a talent-filled glitz and glam bash. And speaking of unexpected locations

10. Resting stations
Parties can be exhausting (we know, boohoo). That’s why a relaxing resting station is always a good idea, especially when sky-high heels are involved. Perks can include hand and foot massages (yes, ladies), caffeine stations, and even soundproof phone booths for guests to make calls without having to go outside.  

11. Karaoke
Like the talent told us this spring on the carpet for the Baeumler Family Foundation at the Ritz-Carlton, if karaoke doesn’t break the ice and relax the vibe at a party, then we don’t know what will. Disclaimer: the presence of a karaoke machine may facilitate ample alcohol consumption, so make sure the bar doesn’t run out of booze.



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