11 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s almost noon – which, on a Friday, means the week is pretty much over. (You’d be lying if you said you weren’t counting down the hours until The Best Weekend of the Year.)

Yes, we’re talking about Halloween.

Only problem is you’ve been so enamored with all the best costume ideas you could ever find online that you completely forgot to actually make one in real life.

But before you settle for throwing on a sheet and calling yourself a ghost, here are 11 last-minute Halloween costumes you can throw together between now and your first blood orange martini.

1. Gangster
You’ll need a suit, collared shirt, suspenders and a cigar – all of which you should hopefully have or can easily attain. If you can pull off a Sicilian accent, all the better. 

2. Grunge
If you don’t mind repeating “I’m not Kurt Cobain” all night…

3. Conspiracy Theorist
Lots of these floating around in 2014 – don’t forget your tin foil hat!

4. Soccer player
This one screams half-assed – but it’s just too easy not to mention. Surely you’ve got a pair of short shorts and high socks in the depths of your wardrobe somewhere. Just don’t go as the Germans.

5. Greek God/Goddesses
Toga, toga! Yes, we’re young professionals and all grown up now, but any excuse to show off the fact that our beach bodies still exist in fall is a good one. You also get to be royally creative with your alcoholic beverage vessel of choice. Bonus points if you find a pitchfork.

6. Wednesday Adams
Chances are you probably wear this to work sometimes anyway.

7. A Mouse, Duh
The key is to keep ‘em guessing.

8. Rosie the Riveter
Girl power. Alternatively, (name) the (skilled trade). Just make sure to keep the alliteration.

9. Margot Tenenbaum
Pray no one’s going as a member of PETA.

10. You in Black and White
No, not black or whiteface. There’s a difference. 

11. Normcore Model         
Our favourite anti-fashion trend. You’re a model, duh.


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