11 Jobs You Can Work While You Travel the World

Travelling the world is great.

Jobs, not so much.

The good news is we have more opportunity than ever to combine work and travel. In fact, sometimes the two are so intertwined that one wouldn’t exist without the other – you know, digital nomads and all that jazz.

But even if your passion exists beyond the realm of staring at a computer screen for 12 hours a day, there are plenty of things you can do that allow you to see the world while funding your adventure at the same time.

Here are 11 jobs you can work while you travel the world:

1. Au Pair
Remember when you used to babysit as a teenager and couldn’t believe someone paid you to sit around and watch movies while eating junk food? Ok, so that’s not exactly what it means to be an au pair. Point is: the world is filled with people who need people persons.


2. English Teacher
Supply and demand are definitely on your side here, and if you can read this sentence you already qualify for the former. Certificates to teach English are relatively easy to obtain and many countries simply require that you’re a native speaker of the language.


3. Blogger
Ideally, since you’re already travelling, you’ll have plenty of material for an enticing travel blog. Since there are thousands of travel bloggers out there already, it would be wise to focus on a niche aspect of travel that you’re particularly vested in.



4. Musician
If you can play an instrument with relative competence, you can always pick up some cash while travelling…just make sure you’re allowed to playing where you’re playing. Jail overseas sucks.


5. Flight Attendant
Sure, it can be stressful at times, but if you’ve ever wished that someone would just pay for literally all of your flights and hotels, this is the job for you.


6. Bartending
Bartending’s ideal because pretty much anyone can pick it up on a whim and many establishments will be fine to do business in cash, forgoing most of the formalities that come with normal employment. Beware, though: it’s definitely not as lucrative around the world as it is in North America.


7. Photographer
You know what makes great photography content? Travel. Even if National Geographic won’t buy your photos at the beginning, you can still use them for your travel blog.

National Geographic

National Geographic

8. Anything at a Hostel
Hostels usually need a helping hand with, well, just about everything. If you have at least one hand that can help, you’ll probably be able to land at a cheap accommodation provider anywhere in the world.


9. Humanitarian Work
If you’re not in it for the pay and want to experience the most human aspect of being abroad, you should consider contributing to one of thousands of international aid agencies who are always looking for suitably qualified staff.

Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders

10. Business/Social Media Consultant
Consulting offers perhaps the most potential for working remotely, and you can even use time differences to your advantage depending on where you want to travel and where your clients are based.

Hand Pressing Like Button

11. Scrubbing Toilets
Yup, these two did it. Hey, if you’re THAT passionate about travel…