11 Essentials for an Awesome Spring Cleaning Session

It’s officially spring (even it doesn’t feel like it), which means it’s time to get stoked about cleaning.

Spring cleaning, of course, is an annual purge that resets one’s threshold of being a hoarder – and this weekend is the perfect time to start.

So whether you have so much to clean that you can’t possibly prioritize, or you want to participate in the tradition out of principal despite having (what you think is) a spotless crib, here are 11 things you can do to make sure you have an awesome spring cleaning session…

1. Open All Your Doors
Yes, that stale winter air needs cleaning too.


2. Disinfect Your Fridge
We sincerely hope it hasn’t been a year since you’ve last done it. This task is especially gratifying when combined with a grocery haul immediately after.

3. Wash Your Windows
It’s time to start getting excited about looking outside again.

4. Deal With Your Dust-Collecting Book Collection
What’s this obsession people have with books? They’re not trophies…

5. Buy Baking Soda and Vinegar
Then spend some time on Google and research in awe at what you can accomplish.

6. Beat Your Rugs
The amount of filth concealed in a rug is staggering. And this one’s pretty fun. Plus, how awesome are carpet beaters?

7. Re-paint Your Walls
Dirty walls are one of those things that don’t bother you until you see them clean. Even more exciting: pick a new colour.

8. Make a Great Playlist
Ok, so this has nothing to do with actually cleaning – but it has everything to do with making the endeavour a hell of a lot more enjoyable. Throw in a Caesar or two, and it won’t feel like a chore at all.

9. Bring a Friend
You’ll have to return the favour, of course, but combined with number 8 above, and your spring cleaning session could rival a decent Saturday night out.

10. Clear/Rent Some Storage Space
Stop putting things under your bed and actually deal with the non-essentials like an adult by putting them in a designated space.

11. Hire a Cleaning Person
Void numbers 1 through 10 if this is an option for you and enjoy your weekend. The best part? You’ve now truly earned tonight’s brews and spirits. Cheers to spring.


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