11 Adrenaline Filled Rides You Have to Take in Your Lifetime

How’s your heart doing?

‘Cause it’s pretty much about to explode when we start making you think about these adrenaline filled adventures.

Since we’ve been working with MINI Canada to help celebrate the launch of their heart-pumping 2015 MINI 5 door, we thought we’d bring you a list of ‘activities’ that will get your blood rushing as much as getting behind the wheel of the MINI 5 door.

So if you like the thrill that comes with not just living on the edge but jumping right off it, this list is definitely for you.

1. Volcano Boarding
When the word volcano is involved, you know it’s going to be intense. As in, 100km/hr intense.

2. Crocodile Bungee Jumping
What’s scarier than hurtling yourself into a 300-foot free fall? Knowing that a float of crocodiles is waiting for you in the water should anything happen…

3. Microlighting 
Just you, a single propeller, and the ENTIRE FREAKIN’ SKY.

4. Bobsledding
If you’re Canadian, there’s no excuse. Shove off, strap in, and get ready for the ride of your life. Just make sure you have a brakeman with you.

5. Zorbing
It turns out that The Bay of Plenty in New Zealand sure had plenty of imagination when they thought to throw a human in a giant ball and toss it down a hill. This is what hamsters feel like every day. 

6. Bridge Climbing (legal on Sydney Harbour Bridge)
Sure, this one’s at a snail’s pace. But it’s also high as hell and even windier. If you’re ever down under, you’d better plan on getting on top.

7. Heli Skiing
If you need a helicopter to get where you’re going only to watch it fly away once you jump off, you, friend, are badass.  

8. Base Jumping
Go ahead, try running and jumping off a cliff and tell us your heart isn’t in your throat – forever.

9. Street Luging
Fine, this just looks straight-up fun. If you ever wanted to play Mario Kart for real, this is your chance.

10. Zip Lining
If you thought we were going to suggest the rainforest, you’re wrong. What’s a zip line experience, if you can’t let go…

11. Zero-G Plane
Whoever said you had to go to space to feel weightless has never ridden on the Zero-G. Just ask Kate Upton.

Bonus: Seriously, strap into a 2015 MINI 5 door if you want to get your heart going with speed, style, and comfort. Crocodiles not included.

Title Photo Credit: Vadimir Mahorov


This post was sponsered by MINI Canada

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