11 Accessories Every Young Professional Needs to Have

We’re not saying you need to have these on you at all times.

You just need to have them – and know where they are.

These 11 essentials will help young professionals in every aspect of their lives. From being on time, to looking good, to networking – picking up a quality accessory can quite literally change the game.

Make sure you have at least half of these if you want at least half a chance of succeeding in today’s world… 

Portable Phone Charger
‘Sorry I’m late, my phone died’ is not a sentence you should ever think of saying. You’re a professional, letting your lifeline go down is not acceptable. Always have a back up. Hell, always have a back up for your back up.

Not one that you leave at a restaurant. Not one that snaps backwards in the wind. A real, solid rain protector. We live in Canada, people. Showing up to a meeting soaked could happen any day of the week if you don’t find a way to stop it.

Good Watch
Not only can a watch be one of the finest accessories you can rock (it speaks volumes about your style choices and lets you stand out in a crowd), it also, you know, tells time. Which is a very useful thing to know when you’re in a meeting and you don’t want to be the person rudely pulling out their phone.

A Great Car
Okay, you live in a big city and you trust your local transportation, we get it. Actually, wait, we don’t. ‘Cause your biggest accessory can still be urban sized – especially if you’re driving the amazing new 2015 MINI 5 door. Relying on public chance is like playing a lottery you can’t afford to lose. Driving a MINI? Well, that’s already winning.

Business Card
Yes, we know it’s the digital age. But business cards are still an important networking tool. They let people see your brand IRL. And unlike an email that gets buried in an inbox, business cards poke people’s pockets, reminding them they actually met you.

Sometimes typing on your laptop just isn’t appropriate. Same goes for taking notes on your phone. There’s something impersonal about the digital force between you and another person. Taking out a pen and a nice Moleskin on the other hand? Old-school perfection that makes you seem like you’re paying extra attention.   

Messenger Bag
If you’re reading this while wearing a backpack, stop. Take off those straps and retire your hiking gear until, you know, you go on a hike. As for the office and meetings, rolling in with a classic messenger is definitely the way to go if you want to be taken seriously (but not as seriously conservative as a briefcase would imply).

Running Shoes
Wherever you are, wherever you’re going, you should always have the option of getting your heart rate up. The life of a young professional is full of stress, and pounding the pavement or getting a good work out in should always be just a comfortable step away.

This is how you roll – or at least it should be. A good set of luggage is well worth the price for any travelling young professional. If you’re still relying on duffle bags and the odd piece of duct tape to get you through a flight, it’s time to step up your game (about 35,000 feet) and invest in a set that gets you from A to B with style and functionality.

Lint Roller
Easily the most un-sexy accessory on the list, the lint roller is still key to a young professional’s success. Rolling into an interview, meeting, or lunch wearing a clean outfit may not be as memorable as walking in with dog hair all over your blazer, but that’s a good thing.

Don’t worry about how they look – worry about how they sound. Sounds obvious, we know, but the number of people who choose style over substance would surprise you. And when you’re busy successfully blocking out the world to get sh*t done, they’ll be stuck listening to everyone else around them. 


This post was sponsored by MINI Canada

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