10 Things That Change When You Become an “Adult”

It’s not a change that happens overnight, but somewhere along the way we go from restless, existential teenagers partying with Smirnoff Twist every weekend to functional adults.

We didn’t plan on it. Hell, we may have even said we’d never grow up. Yet here we are, making small talk with our bosses, eating better, paying taxes, and getting ready for the next stage of our life.

Here are 10 things that may have changed as you became an adult…

1. You Buy Your Own Netflix Account
There comes a time when you finally grow sick of borrowing your BFF’s login since half the time you’re being greeted by “Whoops, Too Many People Are Using Your Account Right Now.” Plus, you can now afford to dish out $9 a month.

2. You Have To Catch Up Over Drinks With Friends
Those same friends that you used to see every day after school or spent every Friday/Saturday night with are now a spot in your calendar. You find yourself organizing things like drinks at least a week in advance because, well, you’re all balancing a billion things.

3. You Choose Salad Instead of Fries as a Side
With adulting comes age, and that age may bring with it a slower metabolism and greater desire to be fit. You’ve shed your Freshman 15 and you don’t plan on welcoming it back into your life so you opt for salads as a side. And sometimes even as a main.


4. #Goals
When you were younger you had an idea of what you wanted to be when you grew up – but that probably changed a hundred times. By now, in your mid-20s, you kind of have an idea of what you want and where you want to go. I bet you didn’t notice, but you subconsciously made an action plan and definitely have some steps you’ve been taking in order to achieve your goals.

5. You Eat Breakfast
No, not Lucky Charms or a Tim Horton’s bagel. You find yourself eating stuff like oatmeal, egg whites, or sugar-free oat mixture cereals. You know, the boring stuff to start your day off right.

6. You Actually Try to Get 8 Hours of Sleep Every Night
So you paid for your own Netflix account and with that comes great power and freedom, but how will you use it? Will you binge The Get Down till 4am and wake up at 7am for work? Or will you watch it in moderation over the course of seven days while getting a refreshing eight hours of sleep? Chances are grown-up you is doing the latter.


7. LinkedIn Creeping
Have a Tinder date? University you, and looking-for-a-job you ,would go straight to Instagram and Twitter to search for your suitor. But adult you goes for LinkedIn first – you want to know what school they went to, where they works, and how many connections they have.

8. You Don’t Go to Many House Parties
How fun were house parties?! I mean, they were no Project X, and usually the house belonged to someone’s parents, but, man, did the best shit go down there. Now you’re getting invited to birthday dinners, engagements parties, work events, and bachelorette parties. It’s not that they’re worse, per se – just not the same as winning a beer pong tournament.

9. You Choose a Relaxing Wine Night Over a Hard Vodka Night
You used to get stoked as hell when you had some club night planned with your girls, but now any hint of a relaxing wine and cheese night with a few friends or your partner is a thousand times more appealing than cramming into a sweaty club on King Street.

10. You Read for Leisure
Reading those $150 textbooks in school was an absolute drag and reading your emails after the weekend is overwhelming, yet you pick up a book with joy when given the option to read something you’re actually interested in.