10 Shows You Need To Watch on Netflix to Prepare for Fall Binge-Watching

It’s unavoidable: Fall is almost here.

Although preparing for the chilly weather, rainy nights and no more pool days may seem depressing, there is light at the end of the tunnel.


We’re talking about Netflix.

Nothing is more comforting after a long day at work than cozy socks, a big tube of ice cream, and a plethora of shows you can’t wait to start and finish in a week.

So to help your impending binge-watching days, here are 10 must-see shows currently streaming on Netflix.

A sci-fi drama about eight strangers who suddenly find themselves oddly connected to each other. Even if you’re not sci-fi fan, the cinematography is worth tuning in for.

Described as House of Cards with a whole lot of cocaine, this Pablo Escobar-based show is already generating insane buzz. 


Wet Hot American Summer
Bradley Cooper, Amy Phoeler, Paul Rudd, Molly Shannon, Jason Schwartzman… and it goes on. The eight-part prequel series of this cult flick will make even Grumpy Cat smile.

Marvel Universe is taking over our TV screen – but in a much grittier, darker way.


From Dusk Till Dawn
Blood, blood and even more blood. But what else did you expect from a vampire-invaded strip club in Mexico?


Club de Cuervos
The three main ingredients here are power, wealth and soccer. You can’t go wrong.


BoJack Horseman
This animated comedy features voices from some of the biggest stars on television today. It’s about a washed-up celebrity horse who tries to make it back in the spotlight – so pretty much like every D-lister.


If you still haven’t watched this show about one of the most messed up families on television, do it. Not only is the acting phenomenal, but the beautiful sights of the Florida coast will give you major FOMO.


This is not a fun show – we’re warning you. But if a seriously ambitious melodrama about a wrongfully imprisoned man that gets out after 19 years seems interesting, we’re here to tell you it really is.

Dancing On The Edge
Get transported back to the 1930s and follow the Louis Lester Band, a group of black jazz musicians who became stars of English society during the swing and jazz era.