10 Rules for a Notable Weekend

1) Do a night out properly. See “The Ultimate Night Out

2) …but don’t overdo it. See “Why Cheat Days and Weekends are a Bad Idea

3) If you’re going to drink, be prepared for the easiest morning after. See “How to Psychologically Prep for Your Next Hangover

4) Try something new in your city. Our Notable Weekender can help.

5) Your leisure time isn’t an open invitation for novel text messages. Neither is alcohol. See “Do You Wear Your Heart on Your Keypad?

6) If you’re going on a first date, look for the warning signs. See “Five First Date Red Flags

7) Be careful who you dish the dirty details to. See “Do You Kiss and Tell?”

8) We promise, it’s okay to stay home. See “How to Handle FOMO

9) Take a walk; you’ve been cooped up all winter. See “Why Walking Stimulates the Body and Brain

10) Remember that Monday will come. See “Improving the Monday Mentality