10 Reasons Sunday is the BEST Day

Are you even up yet?

Who cares.

It’s freakin’ Sunday. And that means you can do whatever you want. Even God rested on the seventh day, which means no one expects much from you.

So go ahead and enyoy. Sleep in and soak it up. And in case you forgot why Sunday is the best day, here are 10 reasons to help you out:

1. Two Words: Bottomless Brunch

2. There’s No Such Thing as Sleeping in Too Late

3. Amazing TV. Game of Thrones, Girls, Last Week Tonight, The Walking Dead, Banshee…Should We Go On?

4. It’s the Best Day to Get Up Early and Shop Your Life Away Without the Crazy Crowds

5. Sundays are for Social Media Stalking Your Crush (It’s Okay, We’ve All Done It) 

6. You Can Spend Hours Updating Your Spotify Playlists to Keep You Sane at Work All Week 

7. You Can Finally Get Rid of that Laundry Mountain of Dirty Sh*t That’s Been Piling Up

8. No makeup. Just Messy Buns and Sweats 

9. You Can Catch Up on Missed Gym Time…Or Not. Totally Your Call. 

10. You Can Spend Hours Plotting How You Will Dominate the World One Instagram at a Time


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