10 Outdated Style Choices Men Can Bring Back Immediately

We’ve all heard our fair share of simple-minded style rules, but what we once thought were the ultimate fashion faux pas are now the hottest fashion trends of the moment. To prove that rules are meant to be broken, especially when it comes to fashion, here are the top previously outdated style trends that are hot right now.

1. Transitional Sunglass Lenses
There has always been a stigma around transitional lenses, labeling their wearers as either super nerdy or perverted, but today they’ve become all the rage. You’ll avoid looking like a creeper as long as you choose the right frame.

2. White Socks 
This Michael Jackson tradition has been controversial over the years, but these days fashion forward men have been seen pairing white socks with cropped or rolled trousers so as to make their purposeful statement clear.

3. No White in Winter
“Don’t wear white after Labour Day” we’ve been told time and time again, but over the last few years, winter white has become one of the hottest trends to wear in the coolest of months. Just be sure to steer clear of the slush. 

4. Denim on Denim
Doubling on denim is seen as a rugged, manly and an unexpectedly cool way to put together an ensemble. Not quite the trailer association it once had…

5. Brown Shoes
Brown footwear has become uncertain territory for many men, but brown brogues can make a navy suit richer and a grey suit stand out; even a black suit looks unexpectedly trendy with this footwear hue. Just make sure you stick with all black if you’re attending a more formal event.

6. Socks and Sandals
Socks and sandals have always been thought of as the ultimate fashion no-no, but now this bizarre trend has been reclaimed by the fashion world. From Carven to Christoper Shannon and even Teva, designers everywhere have been embracing the sock and sandal combo.

7. Too Many Patterns
Men are typically told to refrain from piling on the patterns, but lately the most fashionable of men have been pulling off outfits with prints on prints that make for a surprisingly well put together look.

8. Navy and Black Colour Combo
Another age-old myth that has been engrained in our brains for years is that navy and black should not be worn together, but pairing a navy suit jacket with a black dress shirt or a pair of black brogues with a midnight blue suit has never made men look so composed.

9. Fedora
It seems near impossible for a man to look cool in a fedora, but our hats go off to those who can actually pull it off. You will definitely get attention if you are willing to try out this tough but timeless trend.

10. Backpacks at the Office
The once cherished childhood carry-all has been seen in offices of the most fashion forward of men. Opt for a sleek, polished, well designed version to avoid looking juvenile and sloppy.


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